Can Mini DisplayPort carry audio?

Can Mini DisplayPort carry audio?

A: The Mini DisplayPort spec does support audio and video transmission. However, audio is not implemented on all Macbook Pro models. In general, Macbook Pros made prior to mid 2010 do not carry audio on their Mini DisplayPort connection.

Can I use DisplayPort for video and HDMI for audio?

Yes, you can choose which the audio goes out in playback devices in windows.

How do I get sound from my DisplayPort?

One thing you can try is finding it in the sounds menu in Windows. (right-click the sound icon in the taskbar, then click playback devices). If it is there, then the displayport audio is supported. If it is not, then you can just use the 3.5″ cable that should have come with it anyway.

Does Mini DisplayPort to HDMI have audio?

Simply plug in the USB and Mini DisplayPort connectors to a PC or Mac® and the HDMI connector to an HDMI television/monitor. 2-Channel analog audio will pass through to the HDMI connection, delivering sound to the display side, with the convenience of one HDMI cable.

Can I use DisplayPort and HDMI at the same time?

With HDMI, each monitor needs an HDMI cable to your PC. You can freely combine HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI. One monitor can be HDMI, the other DisplayPort and so forth. Video connections are one thing, but remember your extra monitors won’t run themselves.

Does DisplayPort carry audio and video?

Audio transmission, as well as video transmission, is a major component of DisplayPort, making it a versatile and capable solution to transmit media from a source device, like a laptop or desktop PC, to a monitor. DisplayPort can carry a video source, audio, and some forms of data too.

How does a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter work?

The Mini DisplayPort® to HDMI® adapter allows for an easy and hassle free connection to any HDMI HDTV or display from a PC or Mac. Use your DisplayPort and USB port for video and audio pass-through to one HDMI cable. Deliver audio/video content from your PC or Mac to your A/V devices (HDTV or receiver) for a larger and louder viewing.

Is there a Mini DisplayPort adapter for Surface Pro?

The Mini DisplayPort adapter is the perfect accessory for any of your Microsoft® Surface™ Pro devices with mDP.

Which is the mini version of DisplayPort?

Mini-DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of DisplayPort, the newest digital display interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

Can a mini HDMI be used with a Thunderbolt adapter?

When using a Thunderbolt connection, the adapter will also pass audio signals to the HDMI output. The adapter supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p with up to 36-bits total color depth (12-bits per channel). This adapter is unidirectional, so it cannot be used to convert HDMI to a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt output.