Can you do photography for AP art?

Can you do photography for AP art?

AP Studio Art: 2D Design with an emphasis in Digital Photography is for the serious photography student who is highly self-motivated and committed to building a superior portfolio. This course is a yearlong, college level exploration of the principles of design as expressed through digital photography.

What is a concentration in AP art?

*A concentration is a body of related works describing an in-depth exploration of a particular artistic concern (12 slides). *It should reflect a process of investigation of a specific visual idea.

Can you get a 6 In AP art?

You’ll notice that there are two different types: Drawing and 2-D Design, it depends upon which AP Art class you are focusing on for this course. In this first section, there are two scores: 5 & 6. Six is the highest possible score.

What is concentration in photography?

Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in Photography The B.A. in Art with a Concentration in Photography allows students to immerse themselves in a focused and intense study while refining and expanding on the skills integral to the discipline of photography, including historical contexts.

Is digital art allowed in AP art?

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Design, and Collage are all appropriate means for expressing design principles. This portfolio is intended to address two-dimensional (2-D) design issues.

How do you write a concentration for AP art?

Make sure the first sentence tells the AP judge the theme of your concentration. Do not start your paragraph with “My concentration is about….” Use art vocabulary to describe concentration. Explain your theme and how it was applied in your concentration.

What is selected AP art?

Selected Works may be related, unrelated, or a combination of related and unrelated works. For each work, you’ll submit written responses to prompts about the materials and processes used, as well as ideas that are visually evident in your work.

Is there AP Graphic Design?

About the Course Develop your 2-D skills through materials and processes such as graphic design, photography, collage, printmaking, fashion illustration, collage, and others. You’ll create artwork that reflects your own ideas and skills and what you’ve learned.

Can you submit digital art for AP Drawing portfolio?

If you enjoy digital art, photography, or collaging, then a 2D portfolio may be for you- but your work will need to be strong in composition, which is the use of the elements of art and principals of design. To help you decide, visit the AP website and read about the AP portfolio… Drawing or 2D Design.