Can you get a spray tan in the winter?

Can you get a spray tan in the winter?

Winter is officially here making it the perfect time for a spray tan. A winter spray tan is a great way to give you that sun kissed look for that special occasion or for just any day of the week. In these cold, sun-less months winter tanning helps you maintain a healthy bronzed complexion with a great natural glow.

Will rain ruin my spray tan?

As rain falls and picks up speed, it can actually do a bit of damage to your tan by removing skin cells in small areas faster. If your skin is well moisturized, it will do a far better job shedding off this rain than if it was dry, so be sure to stay moisturized.

What is the best time of day to get a spray tan?

And while you might want to shower before bed, Pradas says the key to a perfect spray tan is to wait until the morning so the color has a full 12 hours to develop.

When should I get spray tanned?

So When Should I Get a Spray Tan Before a Big Event? Since spray tans usually last between seven to nine days, it’s actually best to get a spray tan 2-3 days before your big event. This allows time for your tan to fully develop and gives you time to have one rinse-off in between the tan application and the event.

What to wear to get a spray tan in the winter?

It’s best if your client comes to the salon dressed in loose, comfortable clothing and open-toe shoes or flip flops. After application, advise them not to wear a bra for a few hours, not to shower or exercise for 24 hours and not to have their hair or nails done for 48 hours.

When can you wear normal clothes after a spray tan?

If your clothes are too tight, it can rub the tan right off. It’s best to wear loose sweat pants and a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt. Absolutely NO jeans, socks, or leggings. Wait until after your first initial shower to wear these.

What happens if its raining after a spray tan?

Getting a spray tan in the rain is totally doable! Just make sure you have an umbrella and you’re wearing clothes that cover your skin properly. If you can, drive or book a cab to and from your appointment. You would have to get seriously drenched for your tan to get messed up from the rain.

What happens if my spray tan gets wet?

What might happen if your spray tan gets wet? Stay calm and Don’t panic! It will all be OK after the guide colour is washed off! Never EVER judge your spray tan until AFTER you have had your first shower and the recommended development time.

Is it worth getting a spray tan?

Spray tans are a great alternative for people who want to get some color but don’t want to hit the tanning bed or lay in the sun and risk their health. The risks of a spray tan are exponentially less serious. Usually, the worst thing that can come from a spray tan is turning orange.

How many days before prom should I get a spray tan?

1-2 days
Tan Before the Event. Spray tans generally take 1-2 days to cure and show its true colors, so tanning the day before prom isn’t going to give you your desired look. Book a tanning appointment for 2-4 days before the prom to ensure the color has had time to really mature.