Can you kill Obscura?

Can you kill Obscura?

You can beat Obscura by exploiting its weak spot, the camera head. The Obscura boss will attack you during Evil Within 2, Chapter 5. It’ll happen once you locate and activate the Stable Field Emitter on the second floor of City Hall. Simply head the boss off, and shoot it in the camera.

What happened to Laura in the evil within?

Laura Victoriano is a minor character and an antagonist who appears in The Evil Within. She was the daughter of Ernesto Victoriano and Beatriz Victoriano and the older sister of Ruben Victoriano who was grievously injured in a barn fire and subsequently died prior to the events of the game.

How do you beat Obscura?

Fire a shot into the camera lens to start the timer again, or if you’re not too accurate with the gun, a few body shots will stun her and un-pause the timer as well. Whenever the timer starts counting down, just continue to avoid the Obscura and save your bullets. Only shoot at her when she freezes the clock.

Can you kill the ghost lady evil within 2?

One thing to note about this, and all other encounters you have with the ghost lady is that you can’t fight her. If she grabs you, you’re dead. You have to use stealth to get past her, and if all else fails, try to run.

Who are the Haunted in the evil within?

In an utterly unprecedented twist, the world of The Evil Within is populated by mangled, shambling creatures called the Haunted, which are neither alive nor dead. It is worth shaking off the sarcasm to note that the Haunted aren’t your average shuffling horde, and treating them as such will get you ripped to pieces.

Who is Laura Victoriano in the evil within?

A twisted reincarnation of Laura Victoriano, is a recurring enemy that appears in The Evil Within, and briefly in The Evil Within 2. A creature born from the memory of Laura ‘s tragic death and Ruvik ‘s own vengeance.

Where is Fragment 7 in the evil within?

Map Fragment 7 is inside another cell. Its door gets open shortly after you walk up to the nurse that stands near the mirror at the end of the cell hallway. Important: You can’t collect these two Map Fragments if you haven’t entered the hospital’s main hub through the “Lore” (blood sign) door in the previous chapter.

Where do you find Leslie in the evil within?

Follow Leslie and enter the house with the Waterwheel. You’ll find him inside the basement. This is the place where you’ll face a new type of enemy. This enemy is invisible and you can only notice him with discovery eye icon on the top of the screen.