Can you stay on Ossabaw Island?

Can you stay on Ossabaw Island?

The Ossabaw Foundation organizes two-night camping trips at a number of primitive campsites and lodges on the north end of the island. These overnight stays allow visitors to roam the entire 26,000-acre island.

Where is Ossabaw Island?

NRHP reference No. Ossabaw Island is one of the Sea Islands located on the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia approximately twenty miles by water south from the historic downtown of the city of Savannah.

Can you camp on Ossabaw Island?

There are three primitive campsites on Ossabaw Island; South End Beach Camp, Middle Place and Shorter Shelter. Ossabaw Island personnel will check on groups daily and provide on-island logistical support.

Does Ossabaw Island have a beach?

Ossabaw Island is 26,000 acres of maritime forest, tidal wetlands and wide beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. But what many don’t know is that 13 miles of Ossabaw Island’s beaches are open to the public. Here, loggerhead sea turtles and endangered wood storks nest, and other wildlife like alligators and wild boar roam.

What is Ossabaw Island known for?

Can you swim on Ossabaw Island?

Ossabaw Island is an Atlantic Ocean island located south of Savannah. The island is managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in agreement with the Ossabaw Island Foundation. The beach is open to the public, but is only accessible by private boat.

How do you get to Ossabaw Island?

There are two ways to access the island’s interior: Individuals can take an organized trip arranged by the Ossabaw Island Foundation, or groups seeking natural, scientific or cultural education, research and study opportunities may file an application and pay a fee.

Is there a beach on Ossabaw Island?

Who owns Ossabaw Island?

The State of Georgia purchases Ossabaw Island from the William Torrey children and Eleanor West at 50% of its appraised value. Ossabaw Island is established as Georgia’s first Heritage Preserve, set aside for natural, scientific, and cultural research and education.

Is Jekyll Island in Georgia or Florida?

Jekyll Island is a barrier island on Georgia’s coast – midway between Jacksonville, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia.