Did Jaiden animation do a face reveal?

Did Jaiden animation do a face reveal?

Even though many viewers asked him if he was the unspecified blogger, he made no public response. Jaiden’s face was also unintentionally revealed in the Let Me Explain Studios 2016 VidCon Recap video. Rebecca Parham offered to take it down, but despite the early face reveal, Jaiden let her keep it.

What is Domics real name?

Dominic Panganiban
Domics/Full name

How old is Domics?

31 years (September 27, 1990)

Where is Dominic Panganiban from?

Manila, Philippines
Domics/Place of birth

Is theodd1sout dating Jaiden animations?

He is shipped with Jaiden Animations (Jameden), SomeThingElseYT and TheAMaazing (though both have claimed that they are straight). Most of the ships ended when James revealed that he had a girlfriend and that it wasn’t Jaiden. Even though this has been cleared, people are still shipping them.

Is Jaiden animation anorexic?

Jaiden sadly suffered from eating disorders while in college, bulimia and anorexia. She has now overcome them and has made a music video about her disorder with David Brown (aka Boyinaband) called “Empty.” She has also explained that she is a vegan.

Who is the most subscribed YouTube animator?

Top 20 Most Subscribed Animators (non-companies)

Current Rank Years Active Channel
1 (2009-present) Pencilmation
2 (2014-present) TheOdd1sOut
3 (2006-present) Alan Becker
4 (2013-present) Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

How old is Jaiden?

24 years (September 27, 1997)
Jaiden Animations/Age

Is Jaiden animated Filipino?

Jaiden was born and raised in Arizona, United States, and later would move to Los Angeles, California, United States. Her mother is Japanese and her father is American, she has a younger brother named Jax. During her childhood, she enjoyed drawing and playing casual video games.

What city does Domics live?

It is located in Ontario, Canada. Domics attended in his youth a high school called Freedom High School. The mascot was the bald eagle. Domics was part of Hyun’s Dojo Community and participate some of their community event..

Are odd ones out a furry?

Even though James claims he is “not a furry” he admitted in his “Conventions” video that he indeed went to a furry convention a few years back. He also dressed up in his fursuit in his video “Doggo licking your ear ASMR 2.” In the video “Adler Animates – Ep.

Who is Domics and what is his real name?

Dominic “Domics” Panganiban (born 27 September 1990 in Manila, Philippines) is a Canadian YouTuber and animator more known by his nickname and YouTube channel Domics.

Who is Domics and who is Strah burrz?

Strah burrz. [age 30] ), better known online as Domics, is a Filipino-born Canadian YouTuber, animator, and comedian. He has collaborated with other YouTubers including Jaiden Animations and FootofaFerret . Dominic was born in Manila, Philippines.

How much does Domics have in his net worth?

Domics’ years in the online business have been quite rewarding. He is one of the industry’s animators making it big on YouTube and other beneficial platforms. Being an old hand in the game and someone with an active mind, we are not surprised that he has a reasonable net worth estimated at $2.1 million.

How old is Dominic Panganiban of Domics?

Dominic Panganiban (born: September 27, 1990 (1990-09-27) [age 29]), better known online as Domics, is a Filipino-born Canadian YouTuber and animator. He has collaborated with other YouTubers including Jaiden Animations and FootofaFerret. Coincidentally, he and Jaiden were born in the same month and day, 7 years apart.