Do old Neopets accounts get deleted?

Do old Neopets accounts get deleted?

Instead, large numbers of long-inactive accounts are deleted all at once, as a planned event every couple of years. This is known as an account purge.

How do I find my old Neopet?

Visit the home page of the Neopets site. Find the search bar on the left side of the page, and type in the name of your Neopet. If you get the name right, click your Neopet to visit its statistics page. Find your account name on your pet page.

What happened to old Neopets?

Neopets has been dying a slow death over the past decade. The game has had a rough history: the original creators sold it to Viacom in 2005, which then eventually sold to JumpStart in 2014. The result has been massive turnover and a radical restructuring of the people that make up the game’s development team.

Can you sell a Neopets account?

A. Sorry but you are not allowed to give away, sell, trade, share or buy a Neopets account or pets for Neopoints, money, items, or anything else — even to your very best friend in the whole world. To deactivate an unwanted account, go here.

Can you delete a Neopets account?

If you really don’t want your Neopets anymore and wish to delete your account, please send mail to [email protected] . If you just wish to change or remove your email address, click on Your Preferences. You will need to enter your password before you can make any changes.

What does it mean when an account has been purged?

Related Definitions Purged Account means an Account that has an Outstanding Balance of zero and has been terminated pursuant to the applicable Credit and Collection Policy due to an extended period of inactivity.

How do I access my old Neopets account?

Recovering Your Account You’ll need to e-mail the Neopets Support Team and ask to recover the account. You can contact them directly at [email protected]. There used to be a ticket system, but it’s currently unavailable, so e-mail is the only method of contacting the Neopets Team.

How do I recover my Neopets birthday?

Getting into your old account without birthday

  1. Log out.
  2. Go to , and click on ‘My Support’.
  3. Log in with the UN / ‘word’ that you lost your birthday to.

Is Neopets still a thing 2020?

Despite having been around for more than 20 years, Neopets is still popular. But what’s the best way to enjoy Neopets in 2021? After all, it’s now available on the classic desktop site, as a mobile site in beta, and even as an app.

Do Neopets still exist?

And yes, even though it’s old enough to drink on both sides of the pond now, Neopets is still going strong today and even has a mobile version out. Since 2014, it’s been run by US developer JumpStart games which is in turn owned by Chinese online gaming publisher NetDragon.

Where can I sell my Neopets account? Your One Stop Shop for Everything Neopets! Buy Neopets Main Accounts Selling plenty of inactive neopets main accounts. These are resold mains, and by inactive, I’m referring to the fact that the accounts are left idle for a minimum of 365 days prior to sale to ensure a smooth…

How much is a Neopoint worth?

With the Neopoints to dollar exchange rate dropping to 15.90 USD per 20M Neopoints, you’ll never know when the next spike will hit, so monitor it with ease with the help of our new market tracker!

Can you have multiple accounts on Neopets?

Multiple Accounts also known as side accounts, is a term used by The Neopets Team and the community of Neopets for users who have more than one account/username they log into on a daily basis. Users create multiple accounts (to a maximum of 5) for many reason: they want to try a new username, own different Neopets,…

How many Neopets accounts can you create?

Users create multiple accounts (to a maximum of 5) for many reason: they want to try a new username, own different Neopets, want to become part of another guild, boredom, or many other reasons. Having multiple accounts is allowed, but can be difficult at times due to the many actions the user must refrain from, or have one or more of their accounts suspended or frozen, due to the fact having multiple accounts can give a user an unfair advantage over other users.

Do you have to pay for Neopets?

Neopets is free, its premise still cheery and enticing, and — for me at least — provides a much-needed sense of calm in an otherwise anxiety-ridden existence. If you haven’t been back on Neopets in a decade, or are completely new to this entire concept, maybe it’s time to log on.

Can your account really get frozen on Neopets?

Generally, accounts are frozen because the user who used account has broken Neopets website rules or terms and conditions, was determined to be hacked by an outside user, or was manually requested to be suspended by a user. Users of accounts that have been requested to be frozen by themselves or a hacker can contact Neopets staff to reactivate the account. If a user in fact has broken Neopets website rules, the user cannot contact staff to reactivate the account, as doing so will not