Do you need to break in a roller camshaft?

Do you need to break in a roller camshaft?

Breaking in an enigne with a roller camshaft is important. Metal particles are created during break-in. This is the biggest issue for the bearings in the roller lifter. Most camshafts come with specific break-in procedures.

Can you put a roller cam in a flat tappet block?

Flat-tappet cam lobes are ground at a very slight angle to prevent the cam from moving. Roller cams cannot be machined this way, so a roller-cam button is employed to limit cam movement.

How do you break in a solid roller cam?

As for break in, start engine, rap it up to about 3000 RPM, then let it idle, and rev to 1800-2500 rpm till it hits operating temperature. Then shut it down, now go around and set the hot lash on the lifters.

How do you break in a new engine with a roller cam?

Here are a few break-in tips from the experts:

  1. Wash off the rust preventative coating that is on the parts prior to installation.
  2. Apply a calcium-sulfonate grease instead of ZDDP before assembly.
  3. Use a finer micron filter during break-in.
  4. Prime the pump before firing the engine.
  5. Do not idle the engine.

What does a roller cam do?

Roller Cams minimize friction. This provides more power. It also wears less, which leads to a longer life. Roller cams also allow for steeper lobes.

Where is the retainer plate on a roller cam block?

The step in the nose of this cam (left) identifies it as a cam intended for use in a production roller cam block. This is the retainer plate with the cam installed in the engine. The plate bolts to the block with two bolts.

What are the different types of roller cams?

Just like flat tappet cams, the two types of roller cams are mechanical and hydraulic. A mechanical roller tappet functions much like its mechanical flat tappet cousin and requires a lash, or clearance, in order to operate properly.

Is there a 400 small block Chevy car?

Back in the May ’11 issue, we brought you the first part of our budget-built 400 small block Chevy. The idea was to bolt a set of iron Vortec heads on a junkyard 400 small block Chevy, add a cam, and enjoy the torque. Right away, we ran into snags.

Do you need hydraulic roller lifters for roller cams?

Taller hydraulic roller lifters also mean shorter-length pushrods for roller cam engines compared to either flat tappet or mechanical roller cams. If you are planning on using a mechanical fuel pump with a steel roller cam, you also need a special fuel pump pushrod.