Does Germany have an embassy in the US?

Does Germany have an embassy in the US?

The German Embassy in Washington, D.C. is the Federal Republic of Germany’s diplomatic mission to the United States. Its chancery, designed by Egon Eiermann and opened in 1964, is located in northwest Washington, D.C. As of 2018, the German ambassador to the United States is Emily Haber.

How do I renew my German passport in California?

Go to the consulate for your appointment with your materials and your passport renewal fee. Expect to be fingerprinted. Pay the passport renewal fee and submit all of the required documents. If applying for a minor, you also need to bring certified copies of the passports of both parents.

What do German embassies do?

The embassy is the official representation of the Federal Government of Germany in the United States. Our Visa, Passport and Legal Section provides services for US residents and German citizens within the Embassy’s area of consular jurisdiction: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Did East Germany have an embassy in the US?

During the Cold War, the United States had two embassies: one in Bonn, the capital of West Germany, and one in East Berlin, the capital of East Germany….

Embassy of the United States, Berlin
Location Pariser Platz 2 Berlin, Germany
Coordinates 52.515278°N 13.378333°ECoordinates:52.515278°N 13.378333°E

Do other countries have embassies in the US?

There are about 168 Foreign Embassies and 732 Consulates placed in the territory of United States.

How much does it cost to renew my German passport?

Passport Fee

Passport Fee Fee in Euros
Regular passport (24 years and older) 81.00
Regular passport (younger than 24 years) 58.50
Passport with additional pages (a total of 48 pages) 22.00
Temporary passport (1-year validity) 39.00

How long does it take to get a German passport in the USA?

The average processing time is between 8 and 10 weeks – provided your application is complete and no documents are missing.

How many embassies does Germany have?

Germany itself in total counts near 148 Embassies and 244 Consulates spread all over the world.

How can I check my visa status in Germany?

Following are the methods to track your application:

  1. Website: Click here for applications lodged on or after 02 November 2019.
  2. Web chat: Chat Now
  3. Email: Send an email to [email protected].
  4. Helpline Number: +4921173714828.
  5. Visit the Visa Application Centre to track your application.

Where is the German embassy in the United States?

German Embassy in Washington, the United States 2300 M Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington D.C. 20037 United States. Telephone Number: (+1) 202 298 40 00. Fax Number: (+1) 202 298 42 61. Email:

Where is the German consulate in San Francisco?

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA.

Is the German embassy in Washington DC closed?

Welcome to the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. The Legal and Consular Department will be closed to the public on October 28, 2019. The German Embassy will be closed on November 28, 2019. The embassy is the official representation of the Federal Government of Germany in the United States.

Where is the German consulate in Portland Oregon?

1375 E. Ninth Street » Details and comment forum for the Honorary Consulate of Germany in Portland, Oregon