Your employees are also your customers

Your employees are your customers, but they buy from you? Your best salespeople possess vast knowledge about how to communicate and motivate people. And it is possible that proper use of this knowledge could put the company to a new level. But in reality, they very rarely have the opportunity to share their knowledge with senior management. Clif Reichard, a practitioner and researcher B2B sales for over 50 years, a sales consultant and Vice-President for sales, Ball Corporation, recalls the importance of translation of knowledge from the sales level to senior management.

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Normally, people management and sales to consumers are perceived as completely different areas, each of which has its own requirements and rules, and requires different types of people. But whether or not these areas are excellent. For example, do the motivating clients is so different from motivating employees?

In the world of B2B sales, the price level is so high that the client must first achieve a certain level of comfort before making a purchase decision. This level can only be achieved if the customer thinks good about us as a company, and feels good against us as people. And it’s not so surprising. Big decisions in our own lives we accept heart than the brain. When we get married for love his whole life, the decision is heart. When we choose religion, then make a choice based rather on faith than on facts. When we buy a house, buy one that she wants, not one that can afford it. When we buy a car, choose the one that he likes, not the one we need.

All that is true in the case of making business decisions. To sell racking, rod, or wardrobe, it is necessary to win the heart and soul of the client, his mind and brain. But if you sell only on the basis of rational considerations, the purchase will make sense only to the point until alternative considerations, which will force your client to look the other way. But the client who starts to love you, not leave you.

But leadership is something essentially different? After all, people show their talent to the full, bring, creativity only when they are emotionally connected with their work. And this emotional connection can only occur when people understand that their leaders, their company can really change their lives for the better. It is this realization ignites the spark inside. Inspiration and enthusiasm of employees receive their manifestation in improved performance, which differentiates the company from its competitors. It is the emotional contact ensures the domination of perfection.

All business leaders up to CEO level – can learn from the sales Manager how to create and maintain emotional contact with subordinates. After all, the management of people and sales, has more to do with the heart than with the mind. Do you agree?