How to get more recommendations from your customers

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How to get more recommendations from your CLSA sales tools there are few those that can match the efficiency with client reviews and recommendations. It’s easy, free, and powerful tool. However, for some reason, many companies are not in a hurry to use it. After all, ask for a recommendation is easy. Ray Silverstein, President of the network Advisory groups for entrepreneurs, President’s Resource Organization (USA) offers a few tips about getting recommendations from your clients.

  1. Every time a customer says something nice about your company, answer his gratitude, followed by a request for recommendations. Think of it this way: you deserve it.
  2. The fastest way to get recommendations is to do its job flawlessly. So find out what does “great service” to your customers, and use it. Ask for feedback informally – for example, during a telephone conversation or a formal – perhaps because of the survey about the quality of service. And when you get good reviews, use them as a springboard to request recommendations.
  3. Now go one step further and invite your customers to complain. Complaints, no matter how minor they are, give you a chance to solve the problem and become a hero. If you manage to win first unhappy customer, you will receive the main prize. Demanding customers often give the most convincing reviews.
  4. Why not to make recommendations as part of your original contract with a new client? Just say, “We really will try to make you satisfied. And when we have fulfilled all its obligations, will you give us in return three recommendations?”. People love the breakdown of the business become one of them.
  5. Build relationships with people who can give you recommendations and don’t forget to thank them when I can. Thanks to social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, it is even easier than creating a network of mutually beneficial contacts.
  6. Once the network is created, start it. In addition to asking for recommendations, encourage your contacts support. Share resources and solutions for common business problems. The more you develop these relationships, the more people will remember you when the time comes to give recommendations.
  7. Don’t assume that your friends and contacts know who is your potential customer. Describe your target audience in as much detail as possible, and pristi them to do the same. It will bring more value and benefits for both of you.
  8. Always carry business cards. You never know where and who can you meet and where can the conversation. If you meet someone with whom you would like to establish a relationship – don’t hesitate. Ask them to call and make an appointment.
  9. Get the most out of communicative events, carefully planned them. You know, people always ask “what’s up?”. So prepare in advance good answer. Tell me about you found a new resource on an intriguing new client, or some tidbit about your business.
  10. You do not like communicative activities? It will be easier if you set yourself goals. Determine what type of people you would like to meet and what you would like to know. For example: “I will meet with the speaker. I get to meet three new people. I’ll introduce two of them in people I know.”

And remember, no shame in going to ask for recommendations. In the end, you get them only in the case when people are satisfied with the quality of your products or services. Remind yourself that all of the recommendations you deserved, just sometimes they need to ask.