About the goldfish and the elephant in the context of marketing

About the goldfish and the elephant in the context of marketing one conference, don Peppers has proven that many companies behave like goldfish. Of course, about any three wishes cannot be considered. We are talking about the short memory fish. There is a legend that every event goldfish only remember for three seconds. Therefore, swimming in their tiny aquarium, fish feel happy, because at any moment they discover something new and unknown. This writes Kim Proctor in his blog, Customer Evangelism.

There is no doubt that each of us at least once in his life faced with a memory shortage, which affects most businesses. For example, why a company for which you are the client prompts you for phone number if this information is already recorded in a separate file on their computer?

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If the company will try to really listen and to document the words of their customers (during phone calls, at meetings, through reports received by e-mail) they are much faster and will be able to gain the trust and build strong relationships. And despite this situation, when companies ask you for the name, even if you call them every week, acquires an almost comical expression. It’s very sad.

How to avoid the mentality of a goldfish? It is necessary to remember details, record a variety of information about customers. In the end, therefore, there must exist a database of your customers.

How detailed should be the information about the consumers? The author of the blog advises to keep every detail that you managed to get. For example, if a company sells services in the field of B2B, you can record information about the business goals of your clients, major events in their corporate life (annual meetings, picnics, meetings with clients). So next time, when dealing with this client, you can ask about how well the meeting went. If you know about the key goals of the client – then you can improve your products and services so that they become more interesting for him.

This attitude to the relationship proves that you really care about the client’s life and not just strive to earn more money. Try to combine all the information about the consumer that you can get. Because the more you know the better you can help your client.

If you are really worried by the problems of their consumers, then you should continuously provide them with value proposition (ideas, contacts, help, etc.). As a consequence, you will get a loyal audience who will never leave you and will not go to other supplier of products or services.

Stop being a goldfish, you better become an elephant (say, the animal has an unusually good memory).