Guide to The Best Disposable Flatware for Weddings

Guide to The Best Disposable Flatware for Weddings

Planning a wedding is no mean task. The difficulty level rises a notch higher when one is striving to go green as well as save precious money. One way to get both satiated is to choose disposable. There are several aspects to choosing this as normal plastic disposable would not serve the purpose. Thankfully, you have plenty of extremely elegant and chic looking disposables like the silver plastic cutlery which takes the oomph factor of the decor and occasion to a whole new level.

Having said that, selecting the best disposable flatware for your wedding requires plenty of thought from your side. Few of those considerations that would guide you to choose the right flatware are:

  • Elegance

Wedding is a milestone event in any couples’ life. You cannot place the standard and cheap disposable that is available in the supermarket. You need something beautiful and unique that would bowl your guests over. Thankfully, you have several online stores selling you flatware, specially designed for weddings. You can choose any design and color that complements your wedding decor and theme. This will enhance the oomph factor of the wedding notches higher.

  • Size

The size of the flatware like plates and cutlery must be such that the guests can comfortably eat on them. A point to note is that standard plastic disposables are smaller in size. Wedding flatware is big enough to accommodate plenty of food delicacies. But they are still comfortable to hold. Their ergonomic design adds to the comfort of using them.

  • Quality

Saving cost at a wedding does not imply using cheap flatware. The quality is an all-important aspect that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. They need to be heavy-duty to hold the food and not sag or break under their weight. Knives should cut everything smoothly and glasses and cups should not sag or burst under the liquid weight.

  • Safety

Food is highly vulnerable to getting contaminated. Hence, you need to be sure that your chosen disposable poses no such threat. They should be safe to use with hot foods and should produce no toxins. Choosing biodegradable plastic and other eco-friendly disposables like that made from bamboo, sugarcane, leaves, etc. are terrific options. They offer plenty of benefits over regular plastics. Most important, they are guaranteed safe to use with food and even children.

You also have plenty of wedding cutlery with certifications as a testimony of their quality. Selecting such flatware is always good even if it means a slightly higher cost.

  • Cost

Gone are the days when you had limited choices with wedding flatware and had to pay whatever was demanded. Today, you have numerous choices with its material that makes them cost-effective. Wooden cutlery and plates can be slightly expensive but they ooze an unmatched style and beauty that makes them completely worthwhile. In contrast, cutlery made from bamboo leaf, palm leaf, Huhtamaki’s molded fiber, etc. is cheaper but still stylish.

Since most of the flatware is for one-time use; their prices must be affordable and viable. You can compare and contrast quotes and the quality of different vendors before selecting one.

  • Looks mimicking silver cutlery or stainless steel

Wedding cutlery needs to be disposable but they should never like so. They need to pack plenty of elegance and style. Thankfully, you have disposables available today, that are coated to look exactly like steel or silver flatware. Most of the wedding flatware need to be examined carefully to realize that they are in fact, disposables.


With the above-mentioned pointers in mind; you would be easily able to select the right disposable wedding flatware. They would complement your wedding and table décor to the tee and earn compliments and appreciation from your guests.