Halo effect in marketing

Halo effect in marketing and management health halo (halo effect), says one of the authors of the blog Biztimes is a classic discovery in the field of social psychology. The idea is that we create our own impression about the person based on any one of its boundaries. For example, if the person looks like us, then we are likely to make the conclusion that she has good intelligence, cheerful and intelligent.

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Halo effect, for example, very effective use Hollywood stars. Often for their visual appeal means either a void or something that instantly turns from them to other people.

Many politicians use the “halo effect”, trying to seem friendly. As a consequence, their General perception in our eyes is improving.

Halo effect in marketing

Halo effect in marketing this then:

  • when a pair of jeans you have to pay ten times larger sum only because they have emblazoned the emblem of the famous fashion designer. Of course, these jeans seem to be many of us not common, even if in fact it was such they are;
  • when in advertising, we see the star of show business: actor, musician, athlete. Once we start to look differently at the product itself;
  • when the company has a rather powerful product line and one of its products we liked, we assume that other products are endowed with the same quality. For example, admiring the iPod you are likely to sooner or later buy a Mac. And will expect no less quality. Because in your mind Apple makes only high-quality products;
  • a good book cover often contributes to its purchase. We expect to see interesting content. Unfortunately in reality this does not always happen;
  • before the release of a film many people begin to say that this will be one of the main events of the year. It is only a 2-minute promotional trailer shown at the cinema.
  • the presence of one successful product can create a good impression about the whole company.

Halo effect in management

In the management of the “halo effect” is constant. It is work with people directly. For example, we all know that we sladami impression of the man when they first met. We do not know neither her personality nor her skills, but we already have a certain impression, which later will be difficult to change.

This raises another interesting point. If the person is already successful (for example, has started three successful business), we begin to think that his new endeavors will be a success. Although this will not necessarily be true. After all, his professionalism does not always mean that he is an expert in all matters.

The main problem is that the mind we realize that you cannot rely on one some trait of a person and draw conclusions based on it. But in reality it is not always possible.