Honest real estate agency. Is it possible?

Honest real estate Agency? And this possible this post I want to give you some interesting stories Martin Lindstrom, one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of branding, about a British network, which was engaged in sale of real estate. A few years ago in the sale of houses and apartments, the Agency decided to use a diametrically opposite approach. And, paradoxically, have achieved considerable success.

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We are all familiar with the jargon of the estate agents who like to use words like “breathtaking”, “magnificent” and “elegant” in every sentence, even when they describe a very mediocre housing. From them you can often hear the following masterpieces: “You must see this wonderful apartment in the city center with exclusive panoramic views of the wonderful yard…”.

The interesting thing is that we all know very well that such a description hardly reflects the reality. Rather, it testifies to the talent of eloquence real estate agents.

The British Agency, which is talking Martin, went quite the other way: his employees began to describe the reality unadorned.

They absolutely refused clichéd phrases and began to use realistic sketches of apartments in houses in the streets of London. “This thing needs much more than just a love attitude that it could turn into something decent for life. The corridor there is much worse than the worst notions about living conditions in Bangladesh: on the walls of flowing water, and the floor is barely visible from under the thick layer of dirt covering all the interior of the house”.

It looked like their ads. Dare you to such a strategy?

This Agency had the courage to say that, and their success was stunning: suddenly people began to truly grasp the meaning of the advertisement. They are so motivated by this new style of presentation, they were looking forward to the release of a new ad to read them. Most often, they did it for my own entertainment, but in most cases it is because these ads were real and honest, and they used words that were known only to a narrow circle of estate agents.

But the most interesting result of this campaign was the increase in sales, as well as the fact that this approach appealed to estate agents because they don’t have to lie and wishful thinking. Buyers of apartments also liked this approach because they no longer had to waste time. Sellers of flats like the fact that people who visited their apartment, could be considered as potential buyers, not simpletons, where talented advertisers are lured to see the apartment.