How big is the LRA?

How big is the LRA?

How big is the LRA? At its height, the LRA numbered in the thousands, although the core of well-trained and experienced Acholi fighters may not have been more than a few hundred. Currently the LRA is estimated to have 150 to 300 armed fighters plus hundreds of captive children and adults.

Which rank is Joseph Kony?

Head of the

Joseph Kony
Military service
Allegiance Lord’s Resistance Army (1987–present)
Years of service 1987–present
Rank Head of the Lord’s Resistance Army

How many soldiers did the resistance have?

In 2007, the government of Uganda claimed that the LRA had only 500 or 1,000 soldiers in total, but other sources estimated that there could have been as many as 3,000 soldiers, along with about 1,500 women and children.

How many people died in the LRA?

By 2004, the LRA had abducted more than 20,000 children, while 1.5 million civilians had been displaced and an estimated 100,000 civilians killed….

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency
Casualties and losses
Unknown ~600 killed (2009–2010)
100,000+ killed 400,000–430,000+ displaced

How much money has the US spent on the LRA?

Over the past decade (FY 2002-FY 2011), the United States has provided more than $560 million in humanitarian assistance specifically benefiting LRA-affected populations in Uganda, CAR, the DRC, and Sudan, in addition to countrywide assistance in the affected countries that could benefit individuals affected by LRA violence.

How many people have been displaced by the LRA?

According to the UN, there were 278 reported attacks attributed to the LRA in 2011. The UN estimates that more than 465,000 people in CAR, the DRC, and South Sudan were displaced or living as refugees during 2011 as a result of the LRA threat.

When did the Ugandan army start fighting the LRA?

In March 2002, the NRA, under the new name of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), launched a massive military offensive code-named Operation Iron Fist against the LRA bases in southern Sudan, with agreement from the National Islamic Front.

How many people are in the Lord’s Resistance Army?

Just a few years ago, the LRA had about 800 combatants. As the result of defection campaigns and operations conducted primarily by the Ugandan military, along with the support by the US, by 2015 it was estimated to have about 200 combatants left.