How can I check my TUT exam result?

How can I check my TUT exam result?

Examination Results

  1. Final examination results will be posted to all students.
  2. Supplementary as well as final examination results will be published, at the campus of your registration, on official notice boards.
  3. TUT’s electronic answering system on tel.
  4. On TUT’s website at​.

How do I access my tut4life email?

To access this integrated service, you must be a TUT registered student….How it works

  1. ​​​Go to Start, Internet Explorer ​or Click open any browser.
  2. Click on “Reset My Password”
  3. Enter your student and ID number then click on Submit.
  4. Now change your password to your own password.
  5. Now select a new password.

What is a pass mark at TUT?

1. Pass mark for all students remains 50% and above. A student must get a 40% predicate mark to be admitted to the examination.

What is sub minimum fail?

A sub-minimum is the minimum mark required for an examination in order to pass a module (normal pass rates and weightings applied). OLG’s policies require a student to obtain at least 40% or above for the examination mark. For example, if you obtain less than 40% for the examination paper, it is an automatic fail.

How do I open a student email?

The easiest way to check your student email is to use the browser on your phone and go to and sign in the same way you would on a desktop or laptop. The next best way is to use the Outlook Web App (OWA). This is an app you can download from the App Store or Google Play and is free of charge.

What is a semester mark?

Semester Mark: A semester mark is a mark earned by a student in respect of tests, assignments, practicals, class participation, etc., during a semester.

What is a sub minimum mark?

4.1. 2.36 “subminimum mark” means the minimum examination mark per examination question paper that a student requires to pass the subject; 4.1.

How do I pass a university supplementary exam?

Take advantage of our tips on passing supplementary exams while working on your study schedule.

  1. Identify Your Mistakes. If you have already written your exam, the best way to pass your supplementary paper would be to identify your mistakes.
  2. Try new Study Techniques.
  3. Understand the Material.
  4. Joining Study Groups.

Where can I find Tut final exam results?

Supplementary as well as final examination results will be published, at the campus of your registration, on official notice boards. TUT’s electronic answering system on tel. 083 123 2777, and On TUT’s website at​.

When do the Tshwane University of Technology exams take place?

Students qualify for Supplementary examinations and cannot apply for such an examination. The two major examinations take place in June and November respectively. Examinations are held at different campuses and venues across the University and off site.

When did Technikon Pretoria merge with Tut?

While the size and scope of this dynamic new institution impress, the quality of its teaching, research and community engagement is what makes the University really stands out. TUT was established on 1 January 2004, with the merging of the former Technikon Northern Gauteng, Technikon North-West and Technikon Pretoria.