How did Anders survive awakening?

How did Anders survive awakening?

If Anders was left to defend Vigil’s Keep when it was not fully upgraded, he says that he escaped death by using a badly burned body in robes as a decoy. He also says that he tried to plant a rumor that he went to sail with Isabela after leaving the Wardens, as mentioned in one of his Awakening epilogue slides.

How do you kill Anders?

(Both sides) Kill Anders by stabbing him in the back. (Templars side) Let him go. He will later confront Hawke inside the Gallows and all dialogue options will lead to killing Anders in combat.

Where is Anders phylactery?

Companion Quest: Freedom for Anders She tells you that Anders’s phylactery is in the abandoned warehouse on the south end of the marketplace in Amaranthine. Go there to get into a fight with a party of templars.

How do I get Anders approval?

Friendship with Anders can generally be earned by siding with the mages or by being agreeable to him in conversation, or by directly confronting demons and blood mages.

How do I start Anders romance?

A romance option for both male and female Hawke, the option to start flirting with Anders arrives shortly after completing his first personal quest in Act I. If Hawke flirts with him, he is pleased enough to note that he should check a looking glass more often.

Who is Anders in Dragon Age Origins Awakening?

He is a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and a companion in Dragon Age II. In the latter, he is also a romance option for either male or female Hawke .

Why did Anders want to escape the circle?

Anders despised the Circle and saw it as a prison. He first attempted escape six months after his arrival. Before his recapture, he saved the life of Bann Ferrenly, for which he received a pendant as reward. When asked why he’d escaped, he tearfully replied that he simply wanted to go home.

How did Anders escape from the gallows in Dragon Age?

Anders made no escape attempts in the years when the two were together. Shortly after their Harrowing, Karl was transferred to Kirkwall ‘s Gallows, a move which Anders did not take well. He escaped shortly after, only to be recaptured on the docks of West Hill, attempting to buy passage to Kirkwall.

What happens when Anders leaves the party in Dragon Age?

If the Warden-Commander allows them to take him, Anders permanently leaves the party. If the Warden-Commander stands by him, the templars turn hostile and have to be killed. Anders subsequently thanks the Warden-Commander for their help.