How do I beat Ixion ffx2?

How do I beat Ixion ffx2?

The Dark Knight(s) should repeatedly attack using Darkness, while the Berserker (if one is being used) should use Howl, followed with Berserk. Water-elemental attacks and equipment, including Waterstrike, are especially helpful in dealing with Ixion due to his Water weakness.

How do you beat Ixion Belgemine?

Initiate your attack by using Hellfire and then use Ifrit’s Fire attack on Ifrit which will actually heal the Aeon for a significant amount of HP. Belgemine’s Ixion will use Haste on itself which means that you are going to be subjected to a barrage of attacks relatively quickly.

How do I get Ixion FFX?

Ixion is obtained when Tidus completes the Cloister of Trials in Djose Temple.

Can you beat Dark Ixion?

Dark Ixion can be taken down by simply using strong physical attacks, although Dark Ixion will counter. The second battle is easier as Ixion will no longer counterattack, and most of the original strategy applies, but his Thor’s Hammer can slay the party.

How do you beat the Dark Magus Sisters?

The Dark Magus Sisters are difficult to beat if you are not prepared. You can fight all three of them at once, or split the battle into pieces by running away. When fought individually, the sisters are not difficult. Use Quick Hit along with Tidus and Wakka’s overdrives to eliminate the sisters one by one.

How do you get the best Ixion?

Head to the outer rim of the circle and focus on leaping over the blue waves. You want to maneuver yourself to his front too so you can do the most damage possible to Ixion’s head. After a short period Ixion will return, but this time they’ll start dashing through the arena.

How do you beat Ixion?

Your best bet is to run and gun, dodging Ixion’s onslaught of blue orbs while keeping your crosshair pinned on it. As long as you continue strafing and dodging, you can avoid getting hit here, and you can make quick work of its health bar by using your Alt-Fire attack each time it recharges.

How do I fight Ixion?

Tips for fighting Ixion As long as you’re constantly moving, Ixion can’t really do much to the player in the first phase. They’ll dash and shoot out blue projectiles, and you should use the entire arena to your advantage to beat him, circling the outer rim so there is more space to dodge.

How do you beat Dark Bahamut FFX?

As with any other enemy, Dark Bahamut can be killed instantly by Yojimbo’s Zanmato attack. This can be used to obtain Sun Crest needed to power up Caladbolg if the player missed it.

Who is Ixion in Final Fantasy X-2?

Final Fantasy X-2. Ixion is a boss under Shuyin’s control. He is fought in the Djose Temple and according to the Al Bhed, merged with their machina. Because of this Ixion is the only aeon to have altered model due to having machina components junctioned to it.

Can you fight Dark Ixion as a boss?

While still connected by an electrical current, Ixion sends a blast of electricity to the enemy, causing lightning damage. Ixion is also fought as a boss, and Dark Ixion can be fought in the PAL, International and HD releases.

Where can I find Ixion in RuneScape?

A wench from Whitecap in Balfonheim hires you for the job. She’s haunted by dreams with demonic horse. She asks you to take care of the source of these dreams. To do so go to Pharos. Absorbs Thunder. Ixion can be found in “basement” under Pharos.

Where to put the textures in Final Fantasy X?

Unzip the textures and place into the “…inject extures” folder. Place the textures into the folder and have fun. I hope you enjoy! Kimahri 4k and 8k