How do I change my location on Mercer safehouse?

How do I change my location on Mercer safehouse?

To select a safehouse, create a save in the middle of this conversation, finish talking to him, then speak to P.A.M. who is now ready to give the Mercer Safehouse quest. Reload from the save point until the desired location is given.

What happens if you reprogram Pam?

The Brotherhood will express disappointment if P.A.M. was destroyed rather than reprogrammed. On the other hand, if the player character managed to reprogram P.A.M., she is later transported onto the Prydwen.

What institute quest makes railroad hostile?

For the Brotherhood of Steel, the mission that makes you hostile with the Railroad is Tactical Thinking. Yes, once you’ve finished the “story” you can continue playing, but there will be less faction missions available because of who you destroyed in order to finish the story.

Is X9 27 a courser?

X9-27 is a courser, and as most coursers encountered above ground, he is in the process of completing orders given by the Institute.

Where does the Mercer safehouse quest take place?

The Mercer Safehouse quest randomly chooses the location of Mercer Safehouse from a list of 12 possible settlements. This mod removes the randomization, forcing it to choose the settlement that you want. The location of Mercer Safehouse is chosen when you talk to Doctor Carrington in the Railroad HQ to turn in “Boston After Dark”.

Where to check the ID of the Mercer safehouse?

The ID of the chosen safehouse location can be checked by entering ShowQuestAliases RRR04 – the “REF ‘Workshop'” key will point to the refID of the workshop where the safehouse will be located. Note that once this quest is completed, these commands no longer have any effect, i.e. the safehouse cannot be moved.

How does the Mercer safe house work in Fallout 4?

As stated in the same answer, the Mercer safe house acts like any other settlement. There is no real disadvantage to loosing any specific settlement to the Railroad, this way.

Is the Mercer safehouse clear of hostiles?

Mercer Safehouse is fortified and clear of hostiles. Time to let PAM know the good news. After losing so much, the Railroad is finally recovering with a brand new Safehouse. Hopefully it’ll help a lot of Synths in the days to come.