How do I check my balance on my AT prepaid GoPhone?

How do I check my balance on my AT prepaid GoPhone?

Check your AT PREPAID account balance by calling 800.901. 9878 or 611 from your wireless phone. To hear your account balance and expiration date, say Balance and payments and then follow the prompts to say Check balance.

How do I check balance on GoPhone?

How to Check Your GoPhone Balance

  1. Dial *777# on your GoPhone.
  2. Call 611 from your GoPhone.
  3. Dial 866-499-7888 from a landline phone and choose the “Account Balance” option from the automated menu.
  4. Navigate to the AT Online Account Management screen (see Resources).

How do I check my minutes on my prepaid phone?

Check minutes used: Dial #MIN# (#646#) and press Send. Check text messages used (not available for prepaid customers): Dial #MSG# (#674#) and press Send.

How do you activate a GoPhone?

To activate your GoPhone account from your phone, insert your GoPhone SIM card into the phone. Charge your phone. Once charged, turn your phone on by pressing and holding the Power key on the top of the device. Select a rate plan (Activation code) from the “SIM Card quick start guide for phones.”.

Is att prepaid good?

AT’s prepaid branch has a few good options for saving money, particularly with the inexpensive 8GB plan. AT’s prepaid plan features are similar to the postpaid plans, as both include carryover data and autopay discounts.

How do I get my email?

Steps For ATT.Net Email Login. 1. Visit using your device your browser. 2. Note that Yahoo! and AT combined to provide the service. 3. You will be taken to the homepage. 4. Locate and click on the Mail icon on the top right corner.

How do I cancel my GoPhone account?

Call the AT customer service department at 800-331-0500 or at 611 from your GoPhone cellphone to cancel your account. This method will allow you to not only cancel your GoPhone account but also to discontinue automatic payments or switch to a contract plan.