How do I contact Tufts University?

How do I contact Tufts University?

Give Us a Call! Email [email protected] or call 617-627-3170. Different members of our staff are responsible for sections of the entire world.

Where do I send my transcript for Tufts?

Requests held for semester grades or degree conferral should be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office. 2) Complete a transcript request form. Please print legibly, sign, and double-check the recipient’s address. Request forms may be submitted via mail, fax (617-636-0898), or e-mail ([email protected]).

How do I access my UNCW email?

Can be accessed on every UNCW webpage in the top right hand corner from the “Email” link. Additionally, you can access email through mySeaport, directly at, or from the UNCW Faculty & Staff page.

How do I get my official transcript from Tufts?

Request a Transcript Online through SIS

  1. Log into Student Information System (SIS) using your UTLN and password.
  2. Click the “Academics” Tab and select “Official Transcript.”
  3. Under “Select Request”, choose one of two options:
  4. ​Complete the following categories:
  5. ​Click “Submit.”

Does Tufts accept community college credits?

Courses completed at community colleges are only eligible for Tufts credit if completed before matriculating as a Tufts student. Once matriculated, courses must be completed at a four-year institution and not in an online format. You need to have a grade of C- or above to receive Tufts credit.

What is UNCW username?

Your User Id is a 9 digit number that begins with “85”. If you do not know your Id, click on the “help” hyperlink located on the login page. Your banner Id and Pin will be emailed to your UNCW account. Your Pin is initially your birth date in format MMDDYYYY.

How can students access their free UNCW Zoom account?

From an internet browser, simply go to and click “Sign In”. You just need to sign in using your UNCW credentials. What internet browser should I use to access Zoom? UNCW recommends users to use either Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

How to contact the admissions office at Tufts University?

Call 617-627-0077. E-mail us at: [email protected] or use the inquiry form below. If you have questions about applying as a transfer student, e-mail [email protected] instead.

What kind of email do Tufts students use?

Tufts provides current students with email and a calendar via Microsoft Office 365. Tufts alumni, starting with the Class of 2015, can keep their email address for life and forward to the email address of their choice.

How to contact the University of North Carolina Wilmington?

Undergraduate Admissions Phone: 910-962-3243 Undergraduate Admissions Fax: 910-962-3038 Mailing Address University of North Carolina Wilmington Office of Admissions 601 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28403-5904

Can a high school student go to Tufts University?

Learn more about Tufts Graduate and Professional Programs. Tufts offers a variety of opportunities for high school students to study and explore the university during the summer—including Summer Session for High Schoolers, Tufts College Experience, and Tufts Pre-College Intensives. Learn more about Tufts Pre-College Programs.