How do I find the regex for a URL?

How do I find the regex for a URL?

Match the given URL with the regular expression. In Java, this can be done by using Pattern. matcher()….

  1. The URL must start with either http or https and.
  2. then it must contain www. and.
  3. then followed by subdomain of length (2, 256) and.
  4. last part contains top level domain like .com, . org etc.

How do you check the URL is working or not in Python?

Use urllib. request. urlopen() to test a URL

  1. url = “”
  2. status_code = urllib. request. urlopen(url). getcode()
  3. website_is_up = status_code == 200.
  4. print(website_is_up)

Is there a way to Regex an url?

Its not a regex solution, but most languages have a URL library that will parse any URL into its constituent parts. This may be a better solution for what you are doing. This doesn’t match the path of a URL, just the very last part of the path.

Which is the best way to match a URL?

The options are: 1 Regex – use a regular expression to match the URL 2 Ignore trailing slashes. For example /your-url/ and /your-url will match 3 Ignore case. For example /YOUR-URL/ and /your-url/ will match.

When to use regex to match number of subdirectories in a URL?

Using regex to match specific numbers of sub-directories in a URL can be very helpful for Google Analytics. When I configure a new Google Analytics view, I’ll usually set up Content Grouping so we can see traffic by page type rather than just to a specific page.

How to extract the path from a string?

Extracting the Path from a URL You want to extract the path from a string that holds a URL. For example, you want to extract /index.html from or from /index.html#fragment. Extract the path from a string known to hold a valid URL. The following finds a match for all URLs, even for URLs that have no path: