How do I fix error ID returned 1 exit status?

How do I fix error ID returned 1 exit status?

Probable ways to get rid of it:

  1. Try to delete the existing executable file. ( Failed because it’s being locked on something (maybe antivirus) )
  2. Simply rename that file, then rebuild and done (renaming will allow to create another executable file for your code).
  3. If failed restarting pc and trying from 1 may fix this.

What is collect2 error ld returned 1 exit status?

of previous errors
The ld returned 1 exit status error is the consequence of previous errors. In your example there is an earlier error – undefined reference to ‘clrscr’ – and this is the real one. The exit status error just signals that the linking step in the build process encountered some errors.

What is the meaning of ID returned 1 exit status?

I bet for sure, that this is because you didn’t close the running instance of the program before trying to re-compile it. Generally, ld.exe returns 1 when it can’t access required files. This usually includes. Can’t find the object file to be linked (or Access denied )

What is collect2 exe error?

1. Your problem is in building (compiling and linking) the program. Not with running it – since the process of compiling and linking must succeed in creating an executable, before you can run the executable. collect2 is one of the programs run during the link stage. In any event, describe the command (or commands.

What is exit status in C++?

exit is a jump statement in C/C++ language which takes an integer (zero or non zero) to represent different exit status. Exit Success: Exit Success is indicated by exit(0) statement which means successful termination of the program, i.e. program has been executed without any error or interrupt.

What is collect2?

collect2 is a utility to arrange calling of initialisation functions at start time. It links the program and looks for these functions, creating a table of them in a temporary . c file, and then links the program a second time but including the new file. ld is called from collect2 at the end of this process.