How do I identify an antique bronze sculpture?

How do I identify an antique bronze sculpture?

Depth of Colour as a Guide to Authenticity The finish or patina on the surface of an Antique Bronze sculpture is part of its history and character. The mix of alloy used in antique bronze captures an underlying and beautiful pink colour, which illustrates the large amounts of copper used.

How can you tell a fake bronze sculpture?

How to Check: Check the metal’s color by scratching the patina, real bronze has a reddish-gold color. But, since there are variations in the portion of the elements of the alloy, colors do vary from yellowish to onyx. But if the color is too blackish, or matted you should be alarmed.

Is bronze sculpture expensive?

Creating bronze sculpture is very expensive. Foundry charges alone can be more than half the value of a finished artwork. This does not even include the initial investment by the artist in both time and materials. Much of an artist’s expense goes into many of the steps before the artwork ever makes it to the foundry.

How much is a Remington bronze statue worth?

Buyers are often urged to spend far more than the reproductions are worth. Generally, authentic Remington bronzes are not available anywhere for less than $75,000.

What does antique bronze look like?

Generally speaking, Antique Bronze is a reddish-brown color with darker edges or markings to give the metal an aged appearance. Oil Rubbed Bronze adds a rustic or Old World-look to fixtures. This finish often features characteristic dark brush marks with a lighter shade of bronze peeking through.

How much does a bronze sculpture cost?

Commissioning a bronze statue can cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on your specifications. The much more popular alternative is to buy ready-made.

How much does bronze cost?

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Metal/Material Current Price
Bronze $2.50/lb
Brass Shells $1.90/lb
Brass Water Meter $1.55-$2.50/lb

How can you tell if a Remington statue is real?

Look at the base of the sculpture. A bronze base signifies an original, whereas a marble base is typical of a copy. Check under the bronze base for a single number. Remington gave original sculptures single numbers in the sequence that he made them.

How do you authenticate a Frederic Remington bronze?

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  1. Foundry marks–Authentic Remington bronzes are permanently marked with the foundry name (see Figs.
  2. Casting Number Originals are permanently marked with a number indicating where in the production sequence they were produced (see Figs.

How can you tell if bronze is real?

Do a magnet test. Since magnets are attracted to ferrous (magnetic) metals such as cast iron, place a magnet near the surface. If it sticks, bronze can be ruled out. If nothing happens, it may be bronze.

Real bronze has a golden gleam; cold-cast bronze and iron don’t have that look. You can also compare a suspect figure with pieces you know are bronze. Some fakes use spelter – zinc with a bronze finish – but it isn’t as richly detailed or as shiny as real bronze.

Is bronze worth any money?

Bronze is a great metal to scrap and is always worth more than brass, but less then copper. Bronze generally consists of 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc. Bronze has a high scrap value when you want to cash it in. You can always get paid cash at our yard on the spot.

Is Kansa and bronze same?

Kansa the Indian name for Bell metal is a hard alloy usually a form bronze, with approximately 4:1 ratio of copper to tin. Copper and tin are heated together for 400 -700 degree Celsius to form Bronze.

How can you tell the difference between hot and cold cast bronze?

Hot cast is metal and cold cast is resin. The sculpture is actually made of molten metal. Cold cast bronze is made from a polyester resin blended with bronze powder for colouring.

Does bronze turn green?

Bronze is an alloy that contains copper, which can oxidize when combined with moisture, creating patina. This reaction creates that green tint of copper carbonate on your skin after wearing a piece for awhile. This discoloration happens most often with rings, due to the close proximity of skin to the bronze.

How much does it cost to erect a statue?

There is just one major problem with commissioning – it costs a lot more than buying statues in stock. Commissioning a bronze statue can cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on your specifications.

Is cold cast bronze real bronze?

Bronze Resin sculpture also known as “cold cast bronze” or bonded bronze, is made of real bronze powder, mixed with polyester, epoxy or another resin and poured into a rubber reusable mould. Casting a cold cast sculpture is faster and less expensive than casting bronze.

What is the going rate for bronze?

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Metal/Material Current Price
#2 Copper Tubing/ Bus Bar $3.05/lb
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.00/lb
Bronze $2.50/lb