How do I install ionCube on Windows?

How do I install ionCube on Windows?

Installing ionCube Loader on Microsoft Windows Server

  1. Download ionCube Loader. You can download the ionCube Loader for Microsoft Windows as a Zip archive (or use other available option) and unzip it on your server.
  2. Copy ionCube Loader. Copy “loader-wizard.
  3. Run the ionCube Loader & Configure it with PHP.

How do I install ionCube in WHM?

If you want to activate IonCube for your public website, you need to use Easy Apache 4 in WHM.

  1. Log into WHM and click on “Tweak Settings”
  2. Type “loader” into the find box. Then click the check box next to “ioncube” hit save and you are done. The ioncube loader is now installed and enabled on your server.

How do I know ionCube is installed?

Test ioncube loader installation You can verify just by checking the PHP version. In your terminal use the command: php -v to test the ioncube loader installation. You can also run the URL along with phpinfo. php and verify the ioncube installation.

What is ionCube PHP Loader?

A PHP extension called the ionCube Loader handles the reading and execution of encoded files at run time. Unlike CPU’s such as 8086, where compiled code from many years ago continues to run on its derivatives today, the virtual machine instruction set of PHP has changed over time.

How do I enable Ioncube loader in cPanel?

Enabling Ioncube

  1. Login to WHM (root)
  2. Go to Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> PHP.
  3. Select ioncube check box for cPanel PHP loader.
  4. Click on Save button.
  5. That’s it. This will enable Ioncube for you in 3rd party PHP binary.

How do you upgrade Ioncube loader?


  1. Connect to the server via SSH.
  2. Unpack it: # tar -xvf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz.
  3. Install It: For Debian and Ubuntu:
  4. Restart Apache Web Server in order to apply the change: For Debian and Ubuntu:
  5. Check the version by executing php -v command for the corresponding PHP version. For example, for PHP 7.3:

How do I enable IonCube in cPanel?

How do I check my cPanel IonCube version?

You can easily figure out if IonCube is running by looking at the information from PHP info. To check this you need to create a PHP file with the content as: phpinfo(); Here, you will see a Zend Engine badge with the version for IonCube loader (the version on our servers is v3.

How do I enable ionCube?

To enable ionCube loader, go to Sites > Tools > ionCube Loader, and press the “Enable” button. At this time, ionCube loader can only be enabled on sites using PHP 7.3 or 7.4 (ionCube is not supported on PHP 8.0 at this time).

How do I set up ionCube?

How to install ionCube Loader

  1. 1 Download ionCube Loader. Download the latest release of ionCube Loader at
  2. 2 Add the ionCube Loader php extension.
  3. 3 Load the ionCube extension.
  4. 4 Apply the new configuration.
  5. 5 Verify ionCube loader is running.

Is ionCube safe?

Not very secure, but you can use it for avoiding outside interference. I will say it’s less than 50% secure out of 100%. There are plenty of tools on the Internet for partially decompiling older versions of ionCube.

How do you use ionCube loader?

How to check ionCube is installed?

How To Check Whether ionCube is Installed on Linux Server? 1)Login to your server and execute below command. Php -v 2)If you receive message “ionCube PHP Loader (enabled)”, you have successfully installed ioncube.

Can you install Zend Optimizer or ionCube?

ionCube Loaders are compatible and can be installed along with other extensions, such as Zend Guard Loader (Zend Optimiser). If installing the ionCube Loader into the php.ini file, please ensure that the zend_extension (or zend_extension_ts) line for the Loader appears before any other zend_extension lines.

How to install ionCube Loader in CentOS 7?

Install Apache Or Nginx Web Server With PHP. If your system has Apache or Nginx Engine installed with PHP,you can go to step 2.

  • Download IonCube Loader. Go to the ionCube website and download the installation files,but before that,you should first check using the following command to see if your system
  • Install ionCube Loader For PHP.
  • How can I install ionCube Loader libraries?

    How to install IonCube Loader in localhost Step-1. Downloading IonCube Step-2. Installing IonCube Loader through Loader Wizard. Extract the downloaded file, you will find a loader-wizard.php file there. Step-3 Updating php.ini file. After placing the IonCube Loader in the appropriate directory now it is the time to tell PHP that we’ve installed a new PHP extension, to do