How do I unsubscribe from Cozi?

How do I unsubscribe from Cozi?

You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, by contacting us at

How do I uninstall Cozi app?

If you want to delete an account, please visit Cozi’s account deletion page and confirm your email address and shared family password. Once an account is deleted, all data for everyone included in the account will be permanently erased, and cannot be recovered.

What is COZI on my computer?

The surprisingly simple family organizer Trust Cozi to manage it all. With Cozi, you can: Keep appointments and activities all in one place. Track school events and the virtual class schedule.

How safe is COZI?

Cozi Organizer is safe for the family to use, but the free version features in-app advertisements and is limited to a single account and password. This means that your children will have administrative access to the family’s chore and appointments, which can create confusion if they’re not skilled with the app.

Is Cozi calendar free?

The free version of Cozi offers a shared calendar, lists, and recipes the whole family can access and update. Cozi Gold is the ad-free version of Cozi which also includes premium features and VIP customer support. “We use Cozi Gold and it’s the lifeblood of our family.

Is Cozi a good app?

Cozi is synced to the work Outlook calendars and works like a charm to keep us all on the same page. This is a fantastic app for busy families – I am very impressed. It’s easy to use and comprehensive in terms of the ways it gives you to organize activities and events.

What is Cozi used for?

Cozi is the must-have organizer for families. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities, track grocery lists, manage to do lists, plan ahead for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page. Get Cozi – it’s free!

Is COZI a good app?

How much does Cozi calendar cost?

How much does the Cozi app cost? It doesn’t have to cost anything, since there’s a free version. This one has ads, but that’s how the company can afford to give away its product. The premium version of Cozi costs $29.99 per year, or about $2.50 a month.

How much does the Cozi app cost?

Cozi’s basic version is free and still includes some pretty awesome stuff (like the meal planner, grocery and to-do lists and journal). The gold version, which costs just about $2.50 per month, kicks it up a notch with the birthday reminders, calendar search and shared contacts… among other things.

Who are the founders of the company Cozi?

Cozi Group Inc. Cozi is a website and mobile app intended to help families stay organized. Its features include allowing multiple family members to manage schedules with one account, as well as organize and update shopping and to-do lists. The website was founded by Robbie Cape and Jan Miksovsky after the two…

Is the Cozi family organizer free to use?

Sign up – Cozi is free! Get started today – it’s free! Cozi is free, easy-to-use, and a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner. With Cozi you can: You’ll wonder how you managed family life before Cozi.

Is there a free version of Cozi called Cozi Gold?

The company is based in Seattle, Washington . Cozi has both a freemium version, and a paid version called Cozi Gold. Cozi Gold’s additional features include Cozi Contacts, a birthday tracker, more reminders, mobile month view, and change notifications.

What can you do with the Cozi app?

With Cozi you can: Keep events and activities all in one place. Keep and share the grocery list in real time. Store recipes, plan meals, and shop for ingredients. Use from any mobile device or computer.