How do you beat test chamber 20?

How do you beat test chamber 20?


  1. Walk over to the Beams and place a portal on the wall on the left-side where the Beam ends.
  2. Place the other portal to the column facing the three Receptacles.
  3. Pick up the cube that is already redirecting one of the Beams.
  4. Pick up the other cube and place it over the beam coming from the ceiling.

How many levels are there in Portal 2?

Cooperative Campaign. The co-op campaign is set after the events of Portal 2’s single player campaign. In it, the two testing androids ATLAS and P-body of the Cooperative Testing Initiative carry out a series of tests in six different courses, each consisting of about eight or nine chambers.

What chapter is test chamber 6 Portal 2?

2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 6
This is the sixth level in the game, and is set within a dilapidated Test Chamber.

How many hours is Portal 2?

There have been many complaints about the length of Portal 2 but, like many of the complaints leveled at the game, they’re mostly unfounded. The single-player game can take six to 10 hours to play, and the co-op campaign is at least five hours long.

How do you get to the chamber 6 in Portal 2?

While facing the direction of the switch, note the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button to the bottom left. When the Cube arrives, place it on the Button by placing a portal above the Button, and then dropping the Cube through the portal. The exit door will now open, proceed into the Chamberlock.

Who is Portal Reloaded made by?


Portal Reloaded
Developer(s) PORTANIS
Publisher(s) PORTANIS
Designer(s) Jannis Brinkmann
Programmer(s) Jannis Brinkmann

Do you need Portal 2 installed to play Portal Reloaded?

To install the new free Portal Reloaded mode, you must first have the Portal 2 game. Then go to the mod’s Steam page and click the Download Now button. After downloading the content, its installation will take place automatically.