How do you change the results slide in Articulate Storyline 360?

How do you change the results slide in Articulate Storyline 360?

In Question List View, go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click Edit Result. The default result slide will open in Slide View where you can edit the design like any other slide in Quizmaker. Use the Result Slide Options panel on the right side of the screen to customize your quiz result slide.

How do I link a file in storyline?

Go to the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon and click Hyperlink. When the trigger wizard appears, select Jump to URL/file from the Action drop-down. (It’s called Open URL/file in the new trigger workflow in Storyline 360.)

What is branching in articulate?

Branching is just a tool – a tool to bring your course-design vision to life. So – first – design your scenario so that you have the decision points – the places where you want to give people a choice. That is where branching should take place.

How do you create a branching scenario?

7 ideas that can help you create simple branching scenarios in your online training.

  1. Start with a plan.
  2. Put your learners in control.
  3. Tailor your scenarios to the individual.
  4. Immerse your learners with branching video.
  5. Make it challenging.
  6. Recognize good performance and highlight knowledge gaps.
  7. Highlight other outcomes.

How to insert new results slide in articulate storyline?

I’ve been working closely with results slides lately in Articulate Storyline and thought I would share some key things that are good to know about them. To insert a new results slide, simply click Insert new slide, then go to the Quizzing tab and choose Results. Here you’ll see three types of quizzes available: Graded, Survey, and Blank.

How to submit a final assessment in articulate 360?

Open a result slide, go to the Result Tools—Design tab on the ribbon, and choose one of these quiz types: Final Assessment: This is the default quiz type. It creates a standard “submit results” trigger on the result slide.

How to create branching courses in storyline 360?

Branching Courses: Create a branching course with a different quiz for each path. Even though you don’t know which path the learner will take, Storyline 360 will send results to your LMS for the quiz that the learner completes. For example, you might use the same course for doctors and nurses with a different quiz for each role.

How does storyline work on a graded quiz?

Any time you add a results slide to a Graded quiz, Storyline automatically creates four variables for that slide. These variables track the points accumulated by the learner and determine if they’ve met the passing score set for your course. The variables store both the maximum possible score and the learner’s score on the results slide.