How do you get legendary loot outriders?

How do you get legendary loot outriders?

How to increase your Legendary drop rate in Outriders

  1. Setting your World Tier as high as possible. Higher tiers will see your rare loot modifiers increase dramatically.
  2. Running Expeditions quickly with a high Challenge Tier as possible.

How do you get legendary loot in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Legendary Shards These elusive items can be obtained from either decrypting Faction gear (Crucible, European Dead Zone, Arcology, etc.), or by dismantling both Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor.

Has the loot cave been patched?

The patch — properly known as hotfix 3.0. 0.4 — nerfs the number of enemies that the cave spawns. In other words, players can no longer use the cave to easily collect massive amounts of loot, which they did by killing off bottlenecked hordes in short intervals.

Where is new loot cave?

the Cosmodrome
The new loot cave can be found in the same spot in the Cosmodrome, which was added to Destiny 2 with the release of the Destiny content vault, and it’s worth making the trip even if you don’t plan on farming purple engrams. Once you’re inside, look for the shadowy spawning point in the back annex. Tada!

What level do you start getting Legendaries in outriders?

Tiago at the Outriders’ Camp Tiago sells Legendary Weapons and Armor, but they require players to be Level 45 minimum.

Where are the loot caves in Destiny 2?

Go to the Nessus: Exodus Black caverns. Underground, there’s a small cave that always contains one loot chest and a blue portal that leads to the Chamber of Sky. From the Exodus Black landing zone, fly north and look right to find a cave entrance on the border of the Chamber of Sky on your map.

Where to find legendary Engram farming in Destiny 2?

This awesome little Legendary Engram farming method was originally detailed by Youtuber PS4Trophies. To take advantage, you’ll need to travel to Nessus, the third zone in Destiny 2, and clear out a large cave of enemies.

How do you get engrams in loot cave?

You can turn in Nessus Tokens to the Failsafe — every time you level up with Failsafe, you’ll earn a free Legendary Engram. That’s the essential information. What makes this a “Loot Cave” is how you’ll go about earning those precious Nessus Tokens.

Where are the loot chests in Destiny 2?

When you’re inside the cavern, locate the loot chest. It will appear in one of several random locations around and below the blue portal to the Chamber of Sky. It is random, but the chest will always spawn down here. Clear the area and find the chest. After locating the chest, we’re going to take advantage of a quirk in the loot system.