How do you make a Christmas tree napkin stand up?

How do you make a Christmas tree napkin stand up?

How to fold a napkin into an adorable Christmas tree

  1. Fold a rectangular napkin in half lengthwise.
  2. Angle the square so that the corner with multiple edges is pointing directly towards you.
  3. Flip the entire napkin over.
  4. Flip back over once more so the triangles are facing up again.

How do you wrap a bar of soap in a washcloth?

Lay washcloth flat on the table with one corner facing up like a diamond. Place a bar of soap directly in the center. Fold the bottom of the washcloth over the bar of soap and toward the top. Now, roll the washcloth from the top toward the bar gathering it with your hands.

How do you fold a towel to make an origami?

Start with placing a clean hand towel on a flat surface. Fold the hand towel in lengthwise position until the fold reaches the middle part of the towel. After this fold the other side. So you have two folds of the towel lengthwise that meet in the middle.

What can you do with an origami Christmas tree?

These super easy-to-make origami Christmas trees can be used to make Christmas cards, hung up as tree ornaments, as a paper garland, or stand on their own or with a toy nativity set.

What to do with baby elephant towel origami?

A bunch of cute and adorable baby elephant towels might just make your day even better. Adorable baby bird towel origami in a bed. Using two different colored towels, you can create cute little baby birds nod stuff them inside cute small towel beddings. Another take on a cute elephant towel origami.

How do you make origami stars for Christmas?

What makes this origami star fun is that you fold the model and then inflate it by blowing into it. These origami stars look wonderful hanging on the Christmas tree or if you make a few, they can be displayed in bowls. These origami hex stars are made using six strips of paper and are quite easy to fold.