How do you paint Greek paddles?

How do you paint Greek paddles?

  1. Clean the paddle thoroughly using a mild soap and water.
  2. Use a paint brush to apply a thick coat of paint thinner to the paddle.
  3. Apply a thin, even coat of primer using a brush.
  4. Brush on a base coat of craft paint using even strokes.
  5. Add designs or greek letters to your paddle using a small artist’s brush.

Why do sororities paint paddles?

Pledges often purchase a blank wooden paddle to decorate commemorating their membership into the Greek Organization or to give as a gift to their “big brother” or “big sister” within the fraternity or sorority. To most sorority alumnae today, paddles represent sisterhood, pride, and tradition.

Do you paint both sides of a sorority paddle?

Probably the best time-saving sorority paddle hack there is: spray paint the small wooden letters for your paddle instead of painting each one by hand. Repeat for a more vibrant shade, but be sure to let the paint dry between sprays. Finally, use some spray modge-podge to spray the letters and seal in the color.

How much is a sorority paddle?

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How do you seal a painted paddle?

Touch Up: seal any exposed wood with varnish on a regular basis. Lightly sand area, apply a diluted (by 10%) coat of finish and let dry. Lightly sand area again and apply a full strength coat of varnish. Complete Refinish: strip all finish off the paddle using sand paper.

What paint do you use on paddles?

The best paint to use for a paddle is acrylic paint.

What should I put on my bigs paddle?

The most significant part of the paddle is the written message you should include on the back for your big. It should be a thank you to them for helping you through your new member period and telling them how much you appreciate them.

What size paddle should I get for sorority?

22″ to 26″
Frat and Sorority requirements: “Size does Matter, Don’t Come Up Short!” Most Frats and Sororities Recommend or Require paddles to 22″ to 26″. This paddle is easily in this sizing requirement. So don’t disappoint with a smaller paddle they may just miss the size or just plain to small.

What do you coat a paddle with?

We do recommend Badger Wood Oil for maintaining your solid wood paddles, but you can use a fine quality Tung or Teak Oil Finish product or even boiled linseed oil instead. For an extra smooth finish, “wet sand” the paddle while oiling using a fine wet proof sandpaper, a 320 grit will do.