How do you play the mappy game?

How do you play the mappy game?

Mappy is played by pushing doors opened and closed with the action button, and moving right or left with the directional arrows. You cannot make Mappy jump unless he is on trampoline, but he can move either left or right while still in the air.

What is the story behind Mappy?

Mappy is an arcade game by Namco, introduced in 1983 and distributed in the United States by Bally Midway. The name “Mappy” is likely derived from mappo (マッポ), a slightly pejorative Japanese slang term for policeman. The game has been re-released in several Namco arcade compilations.

Who created mappy?

Hamster CorporationNamco Limited

What console is mappy?

Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii U Virtual Console
Release NES JP: November 26, 1986 NA: April 1989 Wii U Virtual Console NA: February 5, 2015 PAL: February 12, 2015 JP: May 13, 2015
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player

How do you win at Mappy?

Mappy is (mostly) safe from harm while in the air – due to the Gosenzo. Press the door button to open and close doors. Use doors to block or shove enemy cats and temporarily stun them. Open a flashing door to emit a microwave that drives the cats off the screen for bonus points.

What does the red guy do in Mappy?

Nyamco (AKA Goro)- The red cat who is the leader of the Mewkies will try to hide behind stolen goods and avoid Mappy. Hitting him with the sound wave will give 200 x 4 points.

Is Mappy a mouse?

Mappy (マッピー Mappī) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Mappy series. He is a police mouse (affiliated with the Micro-Police) who specializes in retrieving stolen goods. He is also the husband of Mapico and the father of Mappy Jr.

When was Mappy created?

Mappy/Initial release dates

What is the world record for Mappy?

2,313,890. Congrats Mike on the Mappy record.

Can you play Mappy on Nintendo switch?

Hamster Adds Another Namco Classic To Arcade Archives On Nintendo Switch. In recent times, Hamster has been releasing Bandai Namco games for its Arcade Archives collection on the Nintendo Switch. This week, the trend continues with the release of the 1983 action title, Mappy.

What is the Mappy high score?

2,313,890. Congrats Mike on the Mappy record. Congradulation in breaking the TG World Record on Mappy.