How do you reset the airbag light on a Hyundai Elantra?

How do you reset the airbag light on a Hyundai Elantra?

To reset the airbag light in your 2013 hyundai elantra vehicle, turn the ignition key to the “on” position and wait for the airbag button to illuminate and then switch off. Turn the key to the off position and wait three seconds. Repeat these steps twice and your vehicle’s airbag system should be reset.

How do you reset the airbag light on a Hyundai?

Turn on the code reader and move the arrows on the menu to the “Erase” function and then press “Enter”. Remove the OBD II code reader from the DLC and start the engine. Look at the instrument panel to make sure the airbag light turned off.

Can I turn off my airbag light?

Luckily, you can reset and turn off your airbag light. You can also recheck the connectors in case the light fails to turn off. Turning off the airbag light yourself can save you a trip to your car dealer.

Can I drive with airbag light on?

If the airbag light is on, it means that the airbag will not be able to deploy in the event of an accident. This is a dangerous proposition, and it means that you should avoid driving if at all possible in that vehicle.

Is Hyundai affected by airbag recall?

Transports Canada posted two Hyundai recalls, including one for 1,925 2012-2013 Hyundai Sonatas, because of a flaw in their airbag system, which might deploy unnecessarily and cause an accident. The second recall targets 29,679 2007-2008 Hyundai Santa Fes.

Is it safe to drive with airbag light on?

Can I drive with airbag warning light on?

Can a bad battery cause airbag light to come on?

A bad battery will affect he voltage regulator and alternator. The alternator is now working harder to charge something that can’t be charged. A bad airbag sensor will cause your airbag light to turn on. …

Why did the air bag light come on on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra?

The airbag light came on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra gt at the 61,000 mile mark. Took it in to the dealership to find out the problem and it was determined the the clock spring was found defective from the manufacturer.

Is there a way to turn off the airbag light on a Hyundai?

To read and clear the airbag light on your Hyundai, you will need an OBD II diagnostic scanner to retrieve airbag codes. Many Hyundai owners try to turn off the airbag light using a generic OBD-II code reader, but such scanners can’t reset the light of the Hyundai airbag.

Is there a recall on the Hyundai Elantra?

Although Hyundai has issued a recall for certain 2011-2014 Elantra vehicles, and my vehicle meets that year range and model, the dealership will not cover replacing the airbag clock spring assembly because my VIN does not match their criteria. As such, the dealership has quoted $480 to fix my vehicle’s airbag clock spring assembly.

Where is the airbag fault code located on a Hyundai?

Airbag system fault codes are stored in the Airbag Module (SRS Control Unit) to provide accurate information describing why the airbag light is on. Locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard. Plugin the scanner that can read airbag fault codes on a Hyundai. Turn the ignition to position II.