How do you shift a Eaton transmission?

How do you shift a Eaton transmission?

Slowly apply pressure to the accelerator, taking the vehicle back up between 1,300 and 1,500 RPM once again. Hold until ready to shift into next gear. Continue shifting up until reaching the highest “low” gear on the given Eaton transmission.

How do you shift a 13 speed gearbox?

How to Shift a 13 Speed Transmission

  1. Shift normally through the first five gears, just as you would in a manual-transmission car or a 10-speed transmission truck.
  2. Press the “High/Low Gear” button on your gear shift.
  3. Press the “Overdrive” button on your gear shift as you prepare to switch to seventh gear.

How do you shift gears in a semi truck?

Depress the clutch again slightly (not to the floor) when the RPMs reach first-gear range, and switch the splitter back to “L,” then pull the gear shift into the neutral position and release the clutch. Depress the clutch again, all the way, and push the gear shift into first, as you release the clutch.

What is a detent and what does it do in a manual transmission?

A detent mechanism associated with a selector mechanism for change-speed gears in a manual transmission which includes a shift-and-select shaft axially slidably and rotatably assembled within a transmission housing and being linked with a manual shift lever to be axially moved in selecting operation of the shift lever …

How many years of Eaton Transmissions are there?

Transmissions Eaton transmissions With over 100 years of experience, vehicles around the globe count on Eaton’s transmission solutions to enhance reliability, efficiency, safety, and drivability. 25 Results Sort By Alpha: A to Z

Is the Autoshift transmission a manual or automatic?

Once the vehicle is in motion, AutoShift operates like an automatic transmission, with the efficiency of a manual transmission. This transmission is currently only available in Australia, Mexico, and South America. Solo self-adjusting 15.5-inch twin plate clutch with ceramic facing.

What is the use of Autoshift Super 18?

AutoShift 18: Used in many applications where our manual Super 18 is used, including severe duty, heavy haul, construction and high-performance on-highway. Reduces driver skill requirements through ease of operation.