How do you tell the difference between a Ford 170 and 200?

How do you tell the difference between a Ford 170 and 200?

A noticeable difference between the two engines is the 170 engine has three soft freeze plugs on the right hand side (passenger side) of the block, while a 200 engine has five soft freeze plugs. A subtle difference between the two engines is the timing cover.

How do I identify a Ford 6 cylinder engine?

Generally, on both 8 and 6-cylinder Ford engines, the engine number is towards the rear of the block on the passenger side. On 8-cylinder engines, it is where the starter bolts onto the bell housing and the starter may have to be removed to locate it. On 6 cylinder engines, it will be below the exhaust manifold.

How reliable is the Ford 300 inline 6?

The reasons for the popularity were simple: big-time low-end torque, extreme durability, and ease of maintenance. Ford 300 I6 engines have been known to last up to 300,000 miles with no major issues.

Which digit in a Ford VIN is the engine code?

American VIN formatEdit

Position Sample Description
7 J Vehicle line, series and body code
8 9 Engine code
9 9 Check digit
10 2 Model Year

When did the Ford 170 inline 6 come out?

Ford 170 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine The Ford 170 was part of the 3rd generation inline 6 cylinder engines. These engines were produced from 1961 until the end of 1972 and were often seen in such popular models as the Falcon and Bronco. The Ford 170 had the brief privilege of being offered in the 1964 and 1965 Mustang along with Ford 200 Inline 6.

What kind of engine did Ford have in 1964?

1964 FORD ENGINES Base 6 Cylinder (Serial No. Code S) (Falcons) Cast-iron, Overhead valve design 144 cubic inch displacement

What was the size of the first Ford six cylinder engine?

The first-generation Ford six-cylinder engines were all flatheads. They were the G- and H-series engines of 226 cu in (3,703.5 cc) used in cars and trucks and the M-series of 254 cu in (4,162.3 cc) used in larger Ford trucks and for industrial applications.

When did the Ford Mustang 170 special six come out?

In 1961, the 170 cu in (2,785.8 cc) became an option for the Falcon and Comet lines. The 170 Special Six was a stroked version of the 144, changing the stroke from 2.5 in (64 mm) to 2.94 in (75 mm). The original 1965 model Ford Mustang used a 101 hp (75 kW) version between March (production start) and July 1964.