How do you troubleshoot a SMART Board?

How do you troubleshoot a SMART Board?

Make sure any connected computers are on and not in Standby mode. Make sure the screen is working by pressing Input on the front control panel and selecting the correct input source for your device. Restart the display and any connected computers. See Turning the display off and back on.

Where is the Reset button on my SMART Board?

The Reset button is located behind the lower-right side of the interactive whiteboard (when viewed from the front). 2. To reset all components of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable.

How do I get my SMART Board touch screen to work?

To enable Touch Recognition

  1. Press the SMART Meeting Pro icon in the notification area, press Control Panel and then press SMART Hardware Settings.
  2. Select Mouse and Gesture Settings in the list.
  3. Select Enable Touch Recognition.

How do I get my SMART Board to be interactive?

Click the SMART Board icon in the system tray and select Control Panel. Make sure Projected (Mouse Mode) has been selected. Second, reorient the interactive whiteboard. Click the SMART Board icon, select Orient and follow the on- screen instructions.

Why is my SMART Board blinking white?

Flashing white The interactive whiteboard is receiving power and is communicating successfully with the computer’s USB HID driver, but SMART Product Drivers isn’t installed.

How do I get my SMART Board touch to work?

How do you reset a SMART Board?

Disconnect the power cable from the back of the pen tray and reconnect it after a few seconds. Press the Reset button briefly (less than three seconds) on the bottom of the pen tray. All the pen tray indicator lights flash sequentially twice and the interactive whiteboard resets.

Where is the SMART Board power button?

Power on the SMART Board. The power button is located at the base of the SMART Board on the left. 2.) If the SMART Board starts to beep once it is powered on, check to make sure the sliding projector lens shield is open so that it does not block the light from hitting the mirror.

What should I do if my smart board wont turn on?

Ensure that SMART Product Drivers is installed and that the SMART Board service is running. The display doesn’t turn on and its power light isn’t lit. Make sure the power cable is securely fastened to the power outlet and the display.

How to troubleshoot smart board 600 series interactive whiteboards?

Troubleshoot SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards with SMART Product Drivers 12. To measure the resistance of the resistive sheets, disconnect the 4-wire connector from the pen tray and measure the resistance between the + and – electrodes of each sheet.

Why is my smart board MX not responding?

The display doesn’t respond or responds intermittently when you press remote control buttons.. Make sure you are using the correct remote control for your display. See Using the remote control for your SMART Board MX for an image of the correct remote control.

Why are my smart board speakers not working?

The side firing nature of the built-in speakers might cause causing additional acoustic delays. For basic troubleshooting information, see the links below. The fans are running continuously or a fan error appears on the screen (SMART Board 8084-G4, 8070i-G4, or 8055i-G3 interactive flat panels only).