How do you wish happy birthday in Greek?

How do you wish happy birthday in Greek?

Greek: Χρόνια πολλά! Romanization: Hrónia polá! Meaning: “Happy birthday!” / “Happy Name Day!” (Literally: [I wish you] many years [to live]!)

What to say on Facebook to wish happy birthday?

Simple ‘Thank You for the Birthday Wishes’ on Facebook Messages

  • “Thank you for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday!”
  • “Your birthday wishes made my day extra special, thank you!”
  • Birthday Photo.
  • “This year I was reminded of the many kind people I have in my life from the many birthday wishes I received.

What should I write in my best friend’s birthday on Facebook?

Birthday Wishes for Friends on Facebook

  • Happy birthday to you.
  • May your birthday be filled with happiness, joy and love as you celebrate another year.
  • Wishing you a day full of blessings and good will.
  • This day is special because it is the day an angel fell from heaven and touched the soil of the earth.

What does TA Ekatostisis mean?

may you live to be a hundred.

What does Opa means in English?

The actual meaning of “opa!” is more like “Oops” or “Whoops!” Among Greeks, you might hear it after someone bumps into something or drops or breaks an object.

Does Opa mean grandfather?

Opa is the informal German name for grandfather or grandpa. Like Oma for grandmother, Opa is a popular nickname for grandfather in many areas of the globe. Learn about German names for grandmother. See also ethnic names for grandfather.

How do you say I wish you in Greek?

The sentence you set in your message written in Greek would be “Να τα εκατοστήσεις! Σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο”….Greek translation: Σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο!

English term or phrase: I wish you all the best
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What does Kalo Mina mean in Greek?

good month
“Καλό μήνα” (Kalo Mina), which literally means “good month”. It is the Greek way of wishing friends and family a good month ahead of them, their way of wishing you well.

What’s the best WhatsApp Status for a birthday?

(Birthday Whatsapp Status) A birthday is just the first day of another 365 days journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip, Happy Birthday. All I got you for your birthday was this post.

How did the ancient Greeks celebrate their birthdays?

Birthday): γενέθλιος ἡμέρα: The ancient Greeks celebrated the birthdays of some of the Olympian gods during the days of the month. Birthdays, according to this entry, became more significant along with ruler-cults and biographical traditions. The Romans seem to have celebrated birthdays from an early period.

Can you send a private happy birthday message on Facebook?

Also, if you are a person who wants some privacy, you can send Happy Birthday through a private message. This way, only your contact can read the Happy Birthday. Social networks adapt to all types of users, a key that is part of their success.

Why is it important to wish people a happy birthday on Facebook?

It’s amazing how important you can make your old friend or family member feel on their birthday. Using Facebook to wish a happy birthday from people has a deep impact and helps to esteem the individual that is celebrating their birthday.