How does Catherine react to Rodolpho singing?

How does Catherine react to Rodolpho singing?

It becomes clear that Rodolpho enjoys the limelight. We hear anecdotes about his singing, although Marco seems more realistic about his ability than Rodolpho is! However, Catherine is impressed. They discuss music and find that they both love the song Paper Doll.

How does Eddie respond when Rodolpho sings?

Eddie responds that Rodolpho makes him feel odd—he has heard that Rodolpho sings on the ships and the men even call Rodolpho “Paper Doll.” Eddie is particularly disturbed with Rodolpho’s strange blonde hair. They tell Eddie that Marco is a strong worker, but Rodolpho is a big joker on the ships.

How would you describe Rodolpho?

Rodolpho is ambitious. He, along with Catherine, represents the younger generation, with Catherine, who are not prepared to sit back and take whatever life throws at them. He has big plans, and one of these is to gain American citizenship. He is happy-go-lucky, and enjoys singing, cooking and sewing.

What is Eddie’s view of Rodolpho?

He says that Rodolpho only wants to marry Catherine to gain American citizenship. He then begins to refer to all aspects of Rodolpho, such as his ability to sing, sew and cook, which Eddie thinks shows that he must be gay.

How is Catherine presented in A View from the Bridge?

Catherine is Eddie’s niece, but he has raised her like a daughter, and she looks up to him as a kind of father figure. She is poised on the threshold of adulthood as the play begins, and Eddie continually tries to hold her back from the adult world and treats her as a child.

How is Eddie portrayed in A View from the Bridge?

The tragic protagonist of the play, Eddie is a hard-working man who supports his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine, whom he has raised like a daughter. He begins the play as a well-liked member of his neighborhood community, and has a strong sense of honor.

How is Marco presented in A View from the Bridge?

Marco is described as a square-built peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender, and quiet-voiced. He has just arrived from Sicily as an illegal immigrant. When he talks about his children, he tells the Carbone family that if I stay [in Sicily] they will never grow up. They eat the sunshine.

Why does Eddie kiss both Catherine and Rodolpho?

Rodolpho stands up for Catherine, but is also claiming her as his own. Eddie’s kissing Rodolpho has unclear intentions. Eddie says that Rodolpho “didn’t give me the right kind of fight,” and tells Alfieri that he kissed Rodolpho so Catherine would see what Rodolpho really is.

Who is Rodolpho in a view from the bridge?

Rodolpho, the platinum blonde is a cooking, sewing, and dancing full-blooded Italian, and the greatest threat to Eddie Carbone. The play really does not fill out the character of Rodolpho as an individual, whose motivations are left as unknowns.

What’s the story of a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller examines the way in which Eddie Carbone causes his own downfall through his weakness. Can anybody prevent it? Marco and Rodolpho arrive.

Why did Eddie tell Rodolpho to stop singing?

Eddie tells Rodolpho to stop singing, as it will alert neighbors that someone new is staying in the… (full context) …his family a few weeks in the future. Eddie is waiting impatiently for Catherine and Rodolpho to return from seeing a movie. He tells Beatrice that Rodolpho is supposed to stay… (full context)

How does Alfieri comment on Eddie’s view of Rodolpho?

Alfieri comments on how Eddie is beginning to see Rodolpho as a problem. Out in the street, Eddie and Beatrice argue about how often Catherine and Rodolpho are going out. Beatrice tries to defend Rodolpho, saying he is a nice kid, but Eddie starts to list all the things that he thinks are weird about him.