How heavy is the trek Precaliber?

How heavy is the trek Precaliber?

Trek Precaliber Rigid vs. Other Bikes

Features Trek Precaliber 24 Trek Wahoo 24
Model Trek Precaliber 24 Trek Wahoo 24
Price $359 $459
Weight 26.5 lb. 21.1 lb.
Brakes Dual hand Dual Hand

Do Trek bikes have a weight limit?

Trek bikes have a 275 or 300 lb weight limit depending on the bike. We found this to be true with the majority of other brands. This range applies to both mountain bikes and road models. The 275 lb weight limit usually features more road bikes than mountain bikes.

What is a Precaliber bike?

Trek Precaliber is a bike model for kids. These bikes are suitable for little cyclists aged between 5 and 8. These bikes are lightweight and very suitable for getting your child to like mountain biking or road racing (safely). Precaliber bikes weight around 17 pounds.

How much does an average bike weigh?

A bicycle can weigh 17 lbs to 80 lbs depending on the type. Road bikes are the lightest weighing an average around 17 lbs. Mountain bikes are heavier with an average of 25 lbs. Hybrids and beach cruisers weigh around 25 lbs.

What does specialized hotrock 24 weigh?

28 lb.
As a comparison, Specialized top 24″ mountain bike*, the Hotrock 24 XC Boys Disc (MSRP $660), weighs 28 lb., and while it does have a front shock and disc brakes, for most kids riding a 24″ frame, the extra 10 lb.

What is a bicycle V brake?

In the most basic terms, V-brakes consist of two levers attached to your bike’s handlebars that engage the front and rear brakes via two cables. Pull the lever, and it pulls the cable, which in turn actuates the brake, causing the corresponding brake pads to squeeze your bike’s rims, ultimately slowing down your bike.

What is a pedal brake bike?

Coaster brakes, also known as back-pedal brakes or foot brakes, are the standard brake system found on most kids bikes. They are simple in design and require essentially zero maintenance, which makes them appealing to many bike owners. Just pedal backwards and engage the brake.