How long is high-speed ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket?

How long is high-speed ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket?

approximately one hour
Two ferry lines – Hy-Line Cruises and the Steamship Authority – provide convenient, year-round service from Hyannis to Nantucket. Both run high-speed passenger catamarans with a travel time of approximately one hour. The Steamship Authority also runs a traditional car-and-passenger ferry, with a 2 ¼ hour cruise time.

How long is ferry ride from Hyannis to Martha Vineyard?

How long does it take to get from Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard Island? The ferry from Ocean Street Terminal, Hyannis, MA to Dockside Marina – Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, MA takes 1h including transfers and departs five times a day.

Who owns Hy-Line ferry?

Skip Scudder, son of company founder Robert Scudder, holds 50% of the company. His three cousins, who are the children of co-founder Richard Scudder, equally share the other 50%. Hyannis Harbor Tours, more familiarly known as Hy-Line Cruises, was founded in 1962 by the two Scudder brothers.

What is Captains view on Hy-Line ferry?

The Grey Lady IV has a special Captains View section, for an additional cost, where passengers enjoy a front row seat to the journey through huge windows and get pre-boarding privileges as well.

How fast is the high-speed ferry to Nantucket?

Iyanough takes it easy near port but can motor at 38 knots. M/V Iyanough, a fast ferry that operates on the 26-mile run between Cape Cod and the island of Nantucket, in some ways resembles a high-performance sports car and in other ways a city bus.

How long is the boat ride from Cape Cod to Nantucket?

Nantucket is located 26 miles from Cape Cod’s mainland port of Hyannis. Take a leisurely 2 hour and 15 minute voyage on our traditional ferries from Hyannis to Nantucket. Or ride in style and luxury on board our seasonal high-speed passenger-only ferry, the M/V Iyanough, which gets you to Nantucket in just one hour.

How much is the ferry from Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard?

Hy-Line Cruises Ferry Rates from Hyannis, MA: Adult $32 one-way, $62 round-trip; Child (5-12) $22 one-way, $41 round-trip; Child (under 5) free; Bicycle $7 one-way, $14 round-trip.

How much is a ferry from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard?

September 6 – October 11, 2021

RATES Round-trip One-way
Adult $62 $32
Child (5-12) $41 $22
Bicycle $14 $7

Does Hy-Line ferry have WIFI?

Hy-Line Cruises takes precautions that are consistent with industry practices to ensure the security of your Personal information. We also collect this information when you use our WIFI networks to access the internet.

How much does it cost to park at Hyannis ferry?

Calling our Hyannis Parking Information Line at (508) 775-PARK (7275)…Parking for Nantucket Travelers.

RATE PER CALENDAR DAY Parking Lot Hyannis Main Lot 65 South Street Hyannis, MA 02601
12/15/2020 thru 3/31/2021 $5.00
4/1/2021 thru 4/30/2021 $10.00
5/1/2021 thru 6/14/2021 $15.00
6/15/2021 thru 9/14/2021 $20.00

How fast does a high-speed ferry go?

The ferry will have an operating speed of 50 knots, and in crossing the River Plate (Rio de la Plata) at high speed, the ferry will be able to viably compete with air traffic between Uruguay and Argentina.

How fast can the fast ferry go?

The ferry travels at 30 knots or 34 mph. over a year ago. over a year ago. The Fast Ferry Service takes about 90 minutes to Martha’s Vineyard.

When is the ferry from Hyannis to Martha’s vineyard?

Your driver/guide will point out essential sights as you travel to Cape Cod. Our family of 4 was scheduled to take the Hy-Line ferry from Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard on June 19th. We had booked this months in advance and were packed and ready to leave on June 18th to head to the Cape Cod area.

How long is the ferry from Nantucket to Hyannis?

The ride back (leaving Nantucket at 10:00 pm) made good speed almost to Hyannis and then lingered forever before docking. Almost an hour and 25 minutes on the ferry! This may be a one off occurrence, but an extra 20 minutes late in the night, tired from a whole day of activities on the island feels like a lot!

Is there a cruise out of Hyannis Harbor?

You’ll also find our Hyannis Harbor Cruises, a relaxing one-hour sightseeing cruise that is the way to see the memorable sights and beauty of our area. Learn about local history and area landmarks, all on the way to view the historic Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport.

Where is the walkway to the sea in Hyannis?

Hyannis Harbor is the final destination of the Walkway to the Sea. Starting from the statue of Chief Iyanough at the top of the Village Green and making its way past the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and Town Hall, the walkway opens up at the corner of South and Ocean streets.