How long is Little River Rail Trail?

How long is Little River Rail Trail?

The whole 46 km-long walkway and cycleway runs from Hornby in Christchurch to Little River on Banks Peninsula.

Where does Little River Rail trail start?

The Little River Rail Trail begins in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby and flanks the shores of Lake Ellesmere and Lake Forsyth to end in the quaint township of Little River. Enjoy the ever-changing landscapes from farmland to wetland on this 49km trail comprising of both on and off road cycling.

Where does the rail trail start in Lincoln?

This section of the Rail Trail, which opened in November 2006, starts at the Birchs Road/Trices Road intersection and is a seven kilometer off-road ashphalt pathway alongside Birchs Road to the township of Lincoln.

What is the longest rail trail?

Longest Rail-Trails in America

  • Katy Trail State Park — Missouri: 240 miles.
  • Palouse to Cascades States Park Trail — Washington: 229 miles.
  • Cowboy Trail — Nebraska: 219 miles.
  • Great Allegheny Passage — Maryland & Pennsylvania: 150 miles.
  • Soo Line Trail – Northern Route — Minnesota: 148 miles.

Is Lake Ellesmere fresh water?

Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora is shallow, with an average depth of 2.1m and an artificial maximum depth of 3.6m. It is a brackish (salt-freshwater mix), bar-type lagoon, with a long shoreline and varying lake levels. The lake is neither entirely freshwater nor estuarine.

Where is the longest converted rail trail in the US?

The rail-trail is the old Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and rolls across northern Nebraska. When complete, it will be 321 miles, the longest rail to trail conversion in the nation.

What is longest paved trail in us?

1. The NEW champion is the Paul Bunyan Trail which is a continuously paved trail from Brainerd, Minnesota to Lake Bemidji State Park in Bemidji— a total of 112 paved miles.

Can you swim in Lake Ellesmere?

The lake is now under the direct control of the local Maori, Te Ronanga O Ngai Tahu who allow public recreational use such as swimming, waterfowl hunting, fishing, kayaking and freedom camping at this location with public washrooms. Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere is a large coastal lagoon with brackish water.

Why is Lake Ellesmere so polluted?

Lake Ellesmere – or Te Waihora – is in a heavily-farmed part of the Selwyn district, and its water quality is very poor, according to Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA). A public health warning has been in force since late 2017 due to high levels of toxic algae in the water.

What is the longest paved bike trail?

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the longest in the world with an intense 2,700 miles in length. The path was created back in 1997 and still holds the place as the longest stretch of continuous trails in the world, spanning from Banff, Canada, all the way to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Where can you bike the longest converted rail trail in the US?

old Chicago and Northwestern Railroad
The rail-trail is the old Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and rolls across northern Nebraska. When complete, it will be 321 miles, the longest rail to trail conversion in the nation.

What happened Lake Ellesmere?

Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora was a famed mahinga manu wai māori (place for taking waterfowl). However, today the richness of Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora as a mahinga kai has been largely lost to farmland.

How is the Little River rail trail managed?

The rail corridor from Motukarara to Little River has remained in public ownership, but has been little used by the public, because creeks and rivers are not bridged along the route of the trail itself. It is managed on behalf of the public by the Department of Conservation.

Is there a rail trail from Christchurch to Little River?

The Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail is a cycleway and walkway between Christchurch and Little River. From Hornby to Little River the route follows much of the Little River Branch railway line which operated from 1875 until 1967 providing a vital means for farmers to get stock and produce to market.

Is there rail trail from Cathedral Square to Little River?

The trail from Cathedral Square to Little River has been outlined with the alternative City Sights route and a connection from Christchurch International Airport.

Where is the junction with the Little River Trail?

At 2.7 miles, pass the junction with Huskey Gap Trail on your left. Bear right here to stay on Little River Trail and continue following Little River upstream. At 3.7 miles from the trailhead, Little River intersections with the Goshen Prong Trail.