How many charges is 12000mAh?

How many charges is 12000mAh?

Power your life on the go with the nrgGo 12000mAh Slim Power Bank. This super slim power bank uses the latest in thin-pack lithium technology to store up to 4 full phone charges and 1 full tablet charge in a sleek aluminum body.

How many hours does 50000mah battery last?

Product Specifications

Working temperature -10 ℃-45 ℃
Storage temperature -20 ℃-50 ℃
Self-charge time 5~6 hours
Application suitable for MacBook,MacBook pro, notebooks, digital camera, PSP, GPS, projector, wireless router, tablet PCs, mp3, mp4, iPad, cell phones etc.

How much battery life is 10000mah?

The duration of how long your 10,000mAh battery can last will depend on how much current is being drawn from it. If your device draws 1mA, then the 10,000mAh battery can last for 10 hours. If your device uses 10,000mA, then the battery may only last for one hour.

How long does it take to charge a 13000mah power bank?

8.5 hrs
Rock 13000 mAh Power Bank (White, Lithium-ion)

Sales Package Micro USB Cable, User Manual, Power Bank
Power Supply 5 V/ 2 A
Output Power 5 V/2.4 A
Other Features Input Connector: Type C, Output Connector: Dual USB, Material: Fireproof ABS and PC, Charging Time: 8.5 hrs
Weight 325 g

How many phone charges is 50000mAh?

BLAZING CHARGE TIME: At 50000mah, you can charge your devices to full capacity quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but each fully-charged Crave PowerPack power bank can charge your smartphone or similar devices from 0-100% battery power up to 15 times!

How much can a 10000 power bank charge?

With 10,000mAh, you can charge most phones 2-3 times while keeping prices and portability to a minimum.

How long can a 6000mah power bank last?

A 6000 mAH battery can theoretically provide 1000mA for 6 hours, 6000mA for 1 hour, 100mA for 60 hours, and 10mA for 600 hours.