How many G1 Transformers toys are there?

How many G1 Transformers toys are there?

Transformers Generation 1 Toys

  • • G1 1984. (25 toys)
  • • G1 1985. (50 toys)
  • • G1 1986. (58 toys)
  • • G1 1987. (50 toys)
  • • G1 1988. (59 toys)
  • • G1 1989. (39 toys)
  • • G1 1990. (42 toys)
  • • G1 1991. (14 toys)

How many transformer toy lines are there?

three toylines
Beginning with Power of the Primes, the longstanding practise of Hasbro and Takara releasing their own distinct versions of the toys was axed, with the toys sold being identical on both sides of the world. These three toylines made up the Prime Wars Trilogy.

How many different transformers are there?

Over 214 characters have appeared in the film franchise.

What are the different classes of Transformer toys?

The Transformers Animated toyline has the following size classes:

  • Activators, at US$8. Features an automorph gimmick.
  • Bumper Battlers, at US$10. Cyber Slammers but upgraded with audio effects.
  • Deluxe Class, at US$10.
  • Voyager Class, at US$20.
  • Leader Class, at US$40.
  • Supreme Class, at US$50.

When was Transformers g1 made?

17 September 1984
Transformers/First episode date

Are there any Transformers toys from Generation 1?

A third concurrent line, Power Core Combiners, also took inspiration from several Generation 1 characters. Most of the toys from this time were released by Takara in their Transformers United and United EX toylines.

What was the purpose of Transformers Generations toyline?

Generations was envisioned as an outlet for toys from Hasbro’s burgeoning “Aligned” continuity family, with several toys of War for Cybertron characters being released in the initial lineup, but the Prime cartoon wound up getting a fully-fledged toyline of its own.

When did the first Transformers toy line come out?

Starting in 1984, the line ran for seven years in America, eight in Europe and Japan (though Takara would break the line up into multiple sub-franchises). 1.1 Then Vs.

Who is the parent company of the Transformers?

The Transformers (toyline) From Transformers Wiki. The Transformers (also now known as “Generation 1” or “G1” for short, though the line was never branded as such) started as a joint venture between Hasbro of America and Takara of Japan.