How many games has Buddy Franklin played for the Sydney Swans?

How many games has Buddy Franklin played for the Sydney Swans?

318 games
Franklin had an immediate impact at Sydney, where he has won a further four All-Australian selections and two Coleman Medals, and was the club’s leading goalkicker in his first five seasons there. Despite suffering a number of setbacks through injury, Franklin has played 318 games.

Why did Buddy Franklin stop playing?

SYDNEY superstar Lance Franklin won’t play every remaining game this season despite nearing a rare milestone, coach John Longmire says. Franklin’s latest six goals came in his third game back from a hamstring injury with the veteran showing his renowned agility and speed. …

What has happened to Buddy Franklin?

Franklin, having only recently returned to full fitness after battling a series of soft-tissue injuries that restricted him to one AFL match in 21 months, will spend up to a month on the sidelines because of bone bruising on his knee.

How many games did Buddy Franklin play in 2021?

After a series of soft tissue injuries threatened to bring a premature end to his career at Sydney, Franklin has been stellar in 2021, kicking 41 goals from 15 games so far and drawing closer to the fabled 1000 career goal mark.

Who has played the most AFL games?

Brent Harvey
Most VFL/AFL games

# Player Games
1 Brent Harvey 432‡
2 Michael Tuck 426‡
3 Shaun Burgoyne 407
4 Kevin Bartlett 403‡

How many games has Tex Walker played?

He is a former NSW Scholarship player with the club, and was drafted with pick 75 in the 2007 national draft. Walker previously captained Adelaide from 2015 to 2019….Taylor Walker (footballer)

Taylor Walker
Number 13
Playing career
Years Club Games (Goals)
2008– Adelaide 220 (489)

What mental illness does Buddy Franklin have?

The seriousness of the unique and complex tapestry of health and general life challenges for the AFL’s most high-profile player came to a head after Franklin, who has mild epilepsy, suffered a seizure in public that required urgent medical attention.

Why did Lance Franklin leave Hawthorn?

“He didn’t want to play for a GWS side that was probably not going to play finals. He wanted to be playing some good football at a side that was playing in September,” Lewis said.

What is Buddy’s injury?

During his attempt, his right hand was impaled multiple times, which landed him in the hospital for surgery. By February 2021, he had completed five surgeries to fix his injuries. “I couldn’t make a fist until the middle of February,” Buddy explained during a recent interview with TODAY.

How many AFL games has Buddy Franklin played?

The star Sydney Swans forward has played 300 AFL games, won two premierships with Hawthorn, is the seventh-greatest goal-kicker in VFL/AFL history, is one of just five men with eight All Australian blazers and is the most recent player to have kicked 100 goals in a season.

How many goals does Buddy Franklin have 2021?

Lance Franklin has made a brilliant start to his 11th finals series, cracking the 50-goal mark for his resurgent 2021 season and drawing ever closer to 1000 career goals.

How did Buddy Franklin do at the Swans?

His time at the Swans has been personally successful, but not for the club. He won the Coleman in 2013 and 2017, as well as winning four successive leading goal kicker medals at Sydney, along with two Brett Kirk medals (awarded to the best on ground in the Sydney derby between Greater Western Sydney and the Swans).

Who is Lance Franklin in the Australian Football League?

Lance Franklin (born 30 January 1987), also known as Buddy Franklin, is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL). He previously played for the Hawthorn Football Club from 2005 to 2013.

When did Paul Roos coach the Sydney Swans?

Under Paul Roos, the Swans played an unapologetically defensive style that won them games and eventually a drought-breaking premiership. But under John Longmire, they have only managed to win one premiership, which can in large part be attributed to the coaching and recruitment of Roos in 2012.

Why was Buddy Franklin not able to take a break?

Sydney coach John Longmire admitted the changing nature of this year’s fixture due to COVID-19 complexities had made it difficult to schedule any sort of break for Franklin. “So far he’s been feeling really well and he’s keen to play,” Longmire said.