How many MSM islands are there?

How many MSM islands are there?

The Magical Islands are meant to represent the 4 Outer Islands in Dawn of Fire, with Psychic Island at Space Island, Faerie Island at Cloud Island, Bone Island at Cave Island, and Light Island at Party Island.

What are all the islands in my singing monsters?

The Natural Islands consist of five islands in My Singing Monsters: Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island and Earth Island. They get their name from the Natural Breeding Class, which contains the Natural Elements: Earth, Cold, Water, Plant, and Air, and their associated Monsters.

What does rare Wubbox say on Gold Island?


How many monsters are there in MSM?

There are twelve classes across the Monster universe, including those found in My Singing Monsters’ prequel, Dawn of Fire: Natural, Fire, Ethereal, Seasonal, Supernatural, Legendary, Celestials, Mythical, Magical, Rare, Epic, and Dipster….Mythical Monsters.

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What level is the Water Island in MSM DOF?

level 30
For the Continent, Cold Land is unlocked at level 9, Air Land is unlocked at level 19, Water Land is unlocked at level 30, and Earth Land is unlocked at level 41.

Where do you put the Wubbox on Gold Island?

Gold Island Activation Once the Wubbox is leveled up to level 15, it can be placed on the Gold Island. Once placed on Gold Island, it becomes a box again and requires one of every Natural monster type (that is, not the limited edition monsters or Rare and Epic monsters) available on Gold Island.

How many islands are there in my Singing Monsters?

There are currently a total of sixteen islands: eleven of which are unique and five that are almost identical copies of other islands. Each island has a unique song that is produced by the Monsters who live there and work together. Most islands will be covered with Obstacles, or trees and rocks, that need to be cleared in order to make more space.

Where do you start in my Singing Monsters?

As a special note, if the camera is zoomed all the way out from an island, a face can be seen on the front of it, which is the face of the island’s Colossal or Titan . The player first begins on Plant Island, as it is the only island unlocked at the start.

When do you get Shugabush Island in my Singing Monsters?

When Air Island is purchased, Shugabush Island becomes available. All Natural Islands, that is, those that manifest the elements of Plant ( ), Cold ( ), Air ( ), Water ( ), and Earth ( ), must be purchased in order after the player begins on Plant Island. The player must be at least Level 4 in order to purchase them.

What kind of Monster is mirror air Island?

On the island, there is what remains of the Wondermine structure from the prequel game Dawn of Fire. Mirror Air Island has a foggy pinkish atmosphere with Ethereal-like “brain parts” representing the Reebro, the Base Monster for the Element of Mech.