How many restaurants does Michael Mina have in Las Vegas?

How many restaurants does Michael Mina have in Las Vegas?

He is the founder of the Mina Group, a restaurant management company operating over 40 restaurants worldwide. He is the executive chef at his two namesake restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas, which each have earned a star in the Michelin Guide….

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Where is Michael Mina from?

Cairo, Egypt
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Which presidents did Michael Mina cook for?

He has cooked for three American presidents, including two in one week (George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) and — most memorably — lunch for then President Barack Obama.

How many stars does Michael Mina have?

Michael Mina is a one Michelin Star restaurant in the Financial District of San Francisco. In 2006, the restaurant was awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide….Michael Mina (Restaurant)

Michael Mina
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Is Michael Mina a Michelin star chef?

Honored with numerous accolades, including a Michelin star at MICHAEL MINA from 2012 to 2018, James Beard Foundation “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage” inductee in 2013, Gayot Restaurateur of the Year 2011, Bon Appétit Chef of the Year 2005, and many more, Chef Mina continues to dazzle the culinary world with bold dining …

Who is the chef at Michael Mina Las Vegas?

Raj Dixit, Executive Chef at Michael Mina Las Vegas, has worked in a number of top kitchens across the country. In his role, he works in partnership with Chef Michael Mina to elevate and innovate the eponymous restaurant.

What kind of seafood is at Michael Mina?

For those obsessed with flavor, freshness and precision, MICHAEL MINA Bellagio offers an unsurpassed variety of the finest seafood selections – expertly curated – and flown in by private plane daily. The chef-driven menu features innovative seafood preparation along with a range of fresh raw bar shellfish.

Is the Michael Mina Restaurant at the Bellagio open?

This outlet is open! Internationally acclaimed Chef Michael Mina invites you to experience the artistry of the seven seas at his award-winning eponymous restaurant.

Who is the general manager of Michael Mina?

A part of the Bellagio since opening, first as Aqua but since reborn twice as MICHAEL MINA Restaurant, it was shortly before The Strip shuttered that eight guests sat down for a true celebration, and sixteen months later the Restaurant remains remarkable under the direction of General Manager Jorge Pagani plus new Chef Raj Dixit.