How many tons is a Trane XL16i?

How many tons is a Trane XL16i?

3 Tons
Trane XL16i 16 SEER 3 Tons Single-Stage R-410A 1/8 hp Heat Pump Condenser – 4TWX6036H1000A – Ferguson.

What is the difference between Trane XR16 and XL16i?

Model Comparison by Features: Trane XR16 versus Trane XL16i Although the XL16i is a premium model, it has very similar features to the XR16. Like the XR16, it has a single-stage Climatuff compressor, a SEER rating of 16.5, ENERGY STAR certification, and all the same protective durability features as the XR16.

Is Trane XL16i variable speed?

The Trane XL16i uses an exclusive Climatuff variable speed compressor. This device automatically adjusts itself while maintaining consistent speeds.

How many tons is a Trane XL 1200?

The XL 1200 is available in seven models. The capacities of these models are 1.5 tons for the TTX018C, 2 tons for the TTX024C, 2.5 tons for the TTX030D, 3 tons for the TTX036D, 3.5 tons for the TTX042D, 4 tons for the TTX048D, and 5 tons for the TTX060D.

How much does a Trane XL18i cost?

Trane central air conditioner prices

Trane XR16 $6,800-10,800 17 SEER
Trane XL16i $7,600-11,600 16.5 SEER
Trane XR17 $8,000-12,800 18 SEER
Trane XL18i $9,200-14,000 18 SEER

Is Trane HVAC good?

Trane air conditioners consistently rank above average in consumer satisfaction and dependability. There are two reasons for this. Quality: We shouldn’t get too carried away about quality. The truth is that many brands use quality components – in fact, they use some of the same reliable third-party components.

Which is better a gas furnace or a heat pump?

If you live in a cold area, a gas furnace may be the best choice for your home, whereas a heat pump will be more cost effective in a hot climate. An older gas furnace with a pilot light has an efficiency of only 65 percent, modern gas units have and efficiency of 80 percent.

Which is better an air conditioner or a heat pump?

However, a heat pump does a better job at dehumidifying the air than an air conditioner does. As a result, heat pumps use a bit less energy and are generally better at controlling the comfort levels of your home.

How much does a train air conditioner cost?

“ Trane Air Conditioning Installation” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by jackiebese. On average, the least expensive Trane air conditioner can cost at least $2,000, while the most expensive Trane air conditioner prices can reach up to $8,000+.