How many units are there in Grass Residences?

How many units are there in Grass Residences?

Grass Residences is a huge 3.6 hectares area with 3 high rising Residential Towers with ground level shared amenities and 2 buildings entirely made for parking. A total of 5,997 units are present with Grand Entry Lobbies and Lounge.

Why invest in Grass Residences?

Enjoy a Stress free Relaxation At Your Own Place Grass Residences is a place where you can relax and rejuvenate from a stressful day from work. Also go active with the fun-filled amenities such as basketball, badminton, swimming and a lot more.

When was grass residences built?

After its launch in 2007, Tower One of Grass Residences has been completed while Towers 2 and 3 are currently under construction and are slated for completion in 2013 and 2014.

How big are the towers at Grass Residences?

On behalf of the Grass Residences Condominium Corporation Board of Directors, management, and staff, I am pleased to report the accomplishments within 2014-2015 to the members of our community. Grass Residences is currently composed of 3 towers. Tower 1 has a total saleable area of 56,221.16 sqm.

Who is the security company for Grass Residences?

The developer replaced the air-conditioning units at the Tower 3 machine room, decreasing problems related to elevator operation. Commander Security Services was replaced by Eslabon Security Agency as the security service provider of Grass Residences. In line with the Board’s directives, Eslabon provided the following services as well:

Where are the Grass Residences in EDSA located?

Grass residences is a refreshing oasis behind SM North Edsa. This residence brings the beauty of nature to a high-rise abode. There is more to homes than to provide shelter and that is exactly what Grass Residences is all about.

What do you need to know about Grass Residences?

Grass Residences gives a five star suburban living experience to its residents.This sanctuary by the name Grass Residences is everything to look for. With this residence, everyday living is anything but ordinary. The residents get to enjoy resort like amenities and first rate facilities that are only found in five star hotels.