How much does a 6 600 flange weight?

How much does a 6 600 flange weight?


Nominal Pipe Size Drilling Approximate Weight in Pounds
Diameter of Bolt Circle Lap Joint
6 11-1/2 83
8 13-3/4 114
10 17 195

What does a 30 600 blind flange weigh?


Nom Size OD Weld Neck
28 42.25 1060
30 44.5 1210
32 47 1375

What is 600 lb flange?

ANSI B16.5 600 Lb Flange The Class 600 Lb Blind Flange Dimensions allow the blind flanges to be fitted at the end of the pipe to terminate the connection. Blind flanges are special in that they do not continue the pipeline as all other flanges do. There are different face types to the flanges as well.

How much do flanges weigh?

ANSI B16. 5 – ½” – 24” Forged Flanges Weight Chart

Nominal Pipe Size Slip On Threaded
16 106 98
18 130 130
20 165 165
22 185 185

How do you calculate the weight of a flange?

How to calculate the weight of pipe flanges?

  1. Pipe flanges are used to connect pipe sections to other pipe sections, inline components, and equipment.
  2. 1.The materials used to construct a pipe flanges directly relate to the weight and the pressure it can handle.
  3. Pipe flanges volume=π/4*A1*A1-B1*B1-D1*C1*C1)*C(mm)

How much does a 30 inch flange weight?

ASME B16.47 Series A 150 LB Flanges

Nom. Pipe Size Outside Diam. Approx. Weight (lbs)
26 34.25 300
28 36.50 345
30 38.75 400
32 41.75 505

What does a 12 600 blind flange weigh?

Dimensions of 600# Blind Flanges

NPS n Mass
8 12 58.9
10 16 97.5
12 20 124
14 20 151

How much does a 36 blind flange weight?

Flange – Blind, ANSI Class 150, B16. 47 Series B, RF (in)

Pipe Size (NPS) Outside Diameter of Flange A Approx Weight (lb)
30 34 15/16 545
32 37 1/16 650
34 39 9/16 785
36 41 5/8 890

What is class 600 flange pressure rating?

890 psig
2 at a temperature of 650°F (343°C), a Class 600 flange has a rating of 890 psig (6136 kPa gage) at 650°F (343°C).

What is flange pressure rating?

The term “flange rating” (or class) refers to the maximum pressure (in psi or bars) that a flange withstands at increasing temperatures. Flanges with a higher rating (class) are stronger than flanges with lower ratings, as they bear more pressure at increasing temperatures.

What is an ANSI flange?

The ANSI flange is a three-part flange consisting of one flat flange, one flange machined to take a rubber O-ring and the rubber O-ring. The rubber O-ring is placed into the machined groove in one side of the flange and the assembly is tightened against the flat-faced side of the ANSI flange and secured with bolts which are…

What is pipe flange rating?

Pipe Flanges Pressure Rating. A flange is used to join pipe, valves, or a vessel within a system.The simple concept of a flange,as we noted before that a Flange with Class 400 can handle more pressure than a Class 150 flange, because a Class 400 flange are constructed with more metal and will endure more pressure.

What is a flange class?

Flange class is a combination of pressure-temperature rating that defines maximum allowable working gauge pressure of the flange. Here pressure is in a bar & the temperatures in degrees Celsius . Based on this calculation, flanges are available in 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500# and 2500#.